An inbox for professionals

Because emails aren't letters,
they're a flow of tasks…
Take control by turning Gmail™ into a powerful task manager.

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John Coloe Snr Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy
Swish Payments
Now nothing 'falls through the cracks' because an email got lost in an unwieldy inbox.
ActiveInbox turns your Gmail into project management nirvana

ActiveInbox is for you if:

Your work is driven by email
You love Getting Things Done®
You want simplicity - everything in Gmail™

Task and email management become one,
ensuring your inbox becomes your donebox.

Free your brain from email, to get things done

ActiveInbox ensures you never forget a task again, because the emails become the tasks.

Ensure people reply to you, by keeping a list of everything you're Waiting On.

Respond when you say you will, by adding due dates to an email.

Send emails later, to work with the confidence that no one will interrupt you for a while.

Achieve Inbox Zero, so you can completely relax knowing that you've seen everything important.

This tool will help you empty your inbox quickly (achieve inbox zero) and transform your emails into deadlined tasks

Move projects forward

ActiveInbox lets you focus on a handful of projects, rather than feeling overwhelmed by 100s of little emails.

To make the most of your inbox, and time spent in it, ActiveInbox, a Gmail/Google-Apps plugin helps you organize your emails into to-do lists

Save time

Always know what to do next whenever you return to a conversation, by adding a checklist.

Quickly scan through meaningful task names, rather than out of date email subject lines.

Put your high priority emails at the top of your Today list

Write replies more easily by seeing all previous emails & tasks with a contact

Glide through your inbox by archiving and moving to the next email in a single click.

My inbox is always empty as I deal with all emails every day. I either delete them or set an ActiveInbox reminder and archive them. ActiveInbox then brings them forward when I need to deal with them.
Jeremy Holton Professional Artist and former IT Director at Ernst and Young
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