I’m so excited about this! It’s taken us far too long (we started the port in December!) due a myriad combination of legacy code, additional security controls in Chrome and, believe it or not, bugs in Chrome 🙂 But we’re here now.

And wow, is it fast. I thought it wouldn’t really be noticeable, but everything you click is just more assured. It feels instant.

Personally, I’m also thrilled that it should be more stable. (Disclaimer: only once teething glitches are dealt with – this is still very new code!). The major cause of remaining issues we have in Firefox are mostly related to clashes with other addons. Chrome does a wonderful job of protecting addons from each other, so there should be few, if any, conflicts. The result? It just works. Every time. (Double disclaimer: GTDInbox will still break occasionally as Gmail changes, but we’re committed to detecting and fixing those changes within 48 hours).

So how do you get it? Download gtdinbox_3-0-21-2.crx gtdinbox_3-0-21-3.crx gtdinbox_3-0-21-4.crx and open it in Chrome. There are no automatic updates yet, so you will have to watch the blog to keep up to date (this will only be a short term thing).

Update #1

As Murphy’s Law would have it, especially in light of the bold proclamation that the Chrome version will not collide with other addons, at the remaining possible point of collision, there is conflict! (For some users at least). Thanks to the feedback of Fred and Lalit below, I believe I know what the problem is, and I’ll get it fixed within the next couple of hours. Please watch Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/gtdinbox) for updates.

Update #2

I hope addresses the earlier problem with GTDInbox Chrome not loading… please download and install gtdinbox_3-0-21-3.crx

Update #3

With feedback from your error reports (especially to Dean, Marcel, Chris and Robert), and the help of Mike Crowe and our old friend Paul Thompson, we tracked it down to GTDInbox not working with Chrome 4.x (the ‘stable’ release). It works fine for those of you using 5.x. A special mention goes to Mike, whose patience during even the most interminably dull part of debugging, and brilliant flash of insight, was singularly responsible for getting it diagnosed and fixed. (As so often happens, 6 hours of debugging resulted in a fix that involved changing 9 characters of text!).

If GTDInbox has not worked for you yet on Chrome, please try gtdinbox_3-0-21-4.crx.

There are still glitches and issues to resolve, and we’ll continue to roll out small releases until a ‘proper’ release gets sent to the Chrome Gallery in a week or so!

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This post was written by AndyM

  • Carlos Eduardo

    Congratulations! Now I really have the option to choose between Firefox and Chromium.

  • Greg Bruce

    Congratulations! This works great, both in Chrome and when saved as an application.
    Great work!

  • Henrik B

    Congratulations – lots really nice and it seems to work well. Yes, GTDInbox much more snappy in Google Chrome than in Firefox. Nice work!

  • djr

    Oh God this is so awesome

  • Wow, that’s impressive, thanks!

  • Arg, it doesn’t work for me….

    I tried to uninstall all the labs feature and extensions which are running inside gmail but it still doesn’t work!

    I was waiting for that to use GTDInbox! Help!

    • Hi Farf,

      Are you seeing anything at all? Perhaps a yellow bar at the top of Gmail (about 1 minute after load), or a red error box in the sidebar of Gmail?

      If you drop me an email (use support@gtdinbox.com) with the email address in the top right of your Gmail, I’ll check the error logs for any problems that may have been reported.


      • Hello,

        Yes, I see the yellow errors and sent them to you.
        Thanks in advance if you can solve the problems!

        I see now the GTDInbox bar in the left column but clicking on the “+” button doesn’t make nothing 🙁 and the error box is still here.

      • It is working!!!!

        Thanks, I’m waiting that for a very long time!

        (There are still some errors but the main actions are working!)


  • Fred

    Sounded great !!
    But unfortunately, does not work for me either.
    I reported the errors through your errors reporting tool.
    This is so frustrating I was so excited to see gtdinbox working on chrome !

  • AJHart

    Again you and the team deliver. Thanks

  • Lalit

    Hi Andy,

    I have reported errors as it would not load for me. I do have lots of labs loaded and quite a few extensions. Hopefully everything works out! I am really excited to try it out!!!

  • Gary

    Congratulations on porting to Chrome — was patiently waiting for you after I turned off Firefox many months ago. Good luck getting it to run (error report sent)…

  • Wonderful to see this on Chrome, just suffering from a small “broken image” icon over most of the labels if you go for the pop-up viewer. But I don’t doubt that’s a minor fix!

    Great work, guys.

  • Dan

    Many many thanks! Keep up the good work!

  • Just report 2 errors clicking the little yellow popup box using Chrome. Doesn’t work for me either.Can’t wait to try it. Wonder if GTInbox works with iPad? Got one coming tomorrow.

  • Robert Romberger

    Just Sent in a report about the Chrome version not working (doesn’t seem to load and has two errors). Been having the same sort of problem with Firefox and sent in an error report for that too. In Firefox I am able to get the loading done by doing a refresh (most times), but the work-around doesn’t work in Chrome. The loading error in Firefox comes when opening a email, but in Chrome it seems to be whenever I open Gmail itself as well as trying to open an email. Hope that helps.

  • CHris

    GTDInbox for Gmail – Version:

    Still not loading. Please let me know how I can assist.

  • Marcel Bosboom

    Also just send the report because it does not load in Chrome
    – send the information via the yellow bar on top of the screen
    – in the left at the bottom there is the GTDInbox module but only the name and an option to expand or collaps noting else.
    I use it in FF and love it!

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    I’ve contacted 4 of you by email who are still suffering problems to try and diagnose what it is.

    From what I can see in the logs, it’s just one problem that is affecting all of you. So it means we can be very focused in finding and fixing it. Hopefully we will have it sorted by early Tuesday at the latest.

  • Paul Thompson

    Hello everyone. It appears that updating to the developer channel gets GTDInbox up and running properly. I’ve let Andy know this and am sure he’ll have the regular channel up and running in no time. 😉


    • MikeC

      Yep, I think we found the issue today with Chrome 4.x. Andy should be updating it shortly. 😀

  • Adam Hirshan

    Works perfectly on Mac Developer Channel. Snappier than Firefox. Thanks for the excellent work. Glad I’m a Plus subscriber, everyone should go Plus!

  • Susan Penter

    I’ve tried installing the latest update and no joy. When i first installed it all seemed fine until I wanted to send a reply and it wouldn’t go. At which point Gmail seemed to crash totally in Chrome. I have even done a system reboot and Chrome won’t load gmail. I have tried different ways in and there is no way of even opening Gmail in Chrome anymore.

    • Hi Susan,

      This sounds very serious, and I believe quite exceptional. Can you drop me an email if you’re still suffering problems (andym@gtdinbox.com)?


  • David Roberts

    Keep getting 401 errors for 21-4

    • Thanks David, just given the FTP upload a swift kick 😉 It should work now.

  • Udi K

    Congratulations !!!
    great job !!!
    I love it !!!

  • Fred

    The gtdinbox_3-0-21-4 version works like a charm !
    Thanks !

  • Davide

    Works great for me too, thanks!!!
    Just the minor issue of the broken image icon.

  • djr

    Just an FYI – the ‘Allow Mulitple Statuses’ checkbox in the preferences doesn’t work. It’s always enabled, even when you uncheck the box.

  • Davide

    To solve the issue of the broken image icons, inside the skin/gtd dir (e.g. ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Extensions/ddndffgplldhbjpnlgkdihdlfhipagmf/ under ubuntu), create a symbolic link to popout.PNG and goto.PNG with the extension in lower case, i.e.:

    ln -s goto.PNG goto.png
    ln -s popout.PNG popout.png

    (or simply create a duplicate with the lower case extension)

    • Thanks for that Davide – I’ll try it when I get home.

      Working beautifully here at work though.

  • Davide

    In the pop up dialog box, the number of conversations in each category (e.g. to do, some day, waiting on) is not shown, while under FF it was. Is that a bug is it supposed to be like that?


  • Pietro Blu

    G R E A T ! ! !
    GTDinbox on Chrome…
    Now I can almost throw out FF and migrate to the coloured browser 😉


  • Sacha

    Works! Good job to the team.

  • Mike

    Very good been waiting for this for a long time!

    Almost perfect. One thing would help a lot, when viewing an email I see at the top 4 dropdown lists:

    Projects Contexts References Labels

    to categorise my email I need to use the mouse to click and then scroll through these lists (I have a lot of gmail labels) and this is slow and a pain.

    The standard gmail shortcut “g”, then “l” brings up the label control and I can then begin typing a label name, as I type the remaining results filter down to the one I want which is quick and perfect, I hit enter and it’s done.

    If you could have keyboard shortcuts to activate each of the drop down controls Projects Contexts References Labels and then I could type the label name and have the dropdown list filter down to the label I want that would be amazing. I realise to actually build this control and system is quite a bit of work but if you nail it I can then process and assign emails entirely without moving my hands away from the keyboard and resorting to the mouse I would definitely signup and pay for this product!


  • Bicienzo

    Maybe now its time to switch….

  • Adam Hirshan

    Dang it. Looks like the Developer Channel update to 3.0.371 on Mac broke I’ll keep an eye out for

  • Adam Hirshan

    Me again. It’s working now. I simply toggled disbale/enable, and my favorite extension is back. Cool!

  • Sangye

    What a relief – another way to GTD my mail for those many times when firefox gets broken. Thanks so much, I also want a way to ipad utilise your Active Inbox!