Ever had someone reply to an email using a fresh subject line and ended up with several different email conversations – all about the same thing, but at different stages of the conversation?

Annoying isn’t it.

Here is a great little hack you can use to get around this very common and inconvenient issue. And yes, it involves copy and paste! Technical eh?

  1. Chose which email conversation you want to be the main consolidated one – probably the most recent one where people are still sending replies, or the one with the clearest subject line if the conversation is dead.
  2. Go to the other conversations, scroll to the most recent email in it, expand the conversation history below, and copy everything from the top of the most recent email to the end of the history.Select the conversation history to copy it
  3. Go back to your conversation which you’ve chosen to consolidate and create a new reply at the bottom, sending it to yourself only. Paste in everything you’ve just copied and send.
  4. Rinse and repeat for any other old scattered threads on the same subject which you want consolidated.
  5. And voila. You have 1 current email conversation where you can see everything that has been said about the subject, all in one conversation view.

Remember – make sure you keep private emails out of the thread history within a conversation.

Any other Gmail hacks you use? Share them with the ActiveInbox community in the comments section below!

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This post was written by AndyM

  • JochenSchuetze

    I sometimes use a different trick:

    At the first time an answer to a conversation comes under a different Subject, I reply to that, but change the Subject line to “Re: …”, where “…” is exactly the Subject line of the original conversation.
    With some luck, that reply — including the quote of the message that came in under a different Subject, is appended to the original conversation!

    • Nice tip Jochen! That’s a great one also.

  • Eric Orsbon

    I like this! Also, for easy access back to one email thread from another: copy the URL for one email chain paste it in as Active Inbox note to another thread 🙂

  • Any suggestions to break apart a stacked thread – you know, that person that always replies to the last conversation even if it’s a whole new discussion topic?

    • JochenSchuetze

      Would it help you to simply Edit the Subject when you reply?
      This will start a new conversation.

      • It does.. kinda…. if you catch this happening early on in the new discussion.

      • I do this a lot ☺️

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