Our newest team mate, developer Remi, has completed his first project: archiving every email that you give a due-date, status, or project. This makes it much easier to clear out the inbox. You can turn this on in the Preferences, by checking “Archive threads when added to a project/status/deadline” under “Inbox & Search Results”.


We’ve also added a hovering finish button to every item in the inbox, so you can quickly process emails from there (rather than having to open the email).


In addition, Remi fixed up a series of annoying little bugs, not least the very annoying presence of the ‘Zactive’ label (which is needed for the upcoming mobile release, but we’ve done a better job of hiding it).

This is available now in Chrome (for ActiveInbox 5.2.35], and we hope to have it in Firefox & Safari next week.

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This post was written by AndyM

  • This looks a potentially useful feature. But does it need to be activated just when a project is selected? I usually give an email a project, then a status and deadline. But this way, it disappears as soon as I’ve added a project. I then have to hunt it down to add the other details. Could it operate just with change of status?

    • Marcus Badach

      I 100% agree I have left this off due to emails “disappearing” with out me finishing with them.

      • Hi guys,

        Thanks for making me thing about this.

        Can I clarify – I presume you mean from the Inbox view? Every other view is ok?

        • Marcus Badach

          Hi Andy, I assume you mean think lol – yes I am referring to the inbox, once it is out of the inbox for me it is in the process flow and will not be lost.

          • William Alexander

            This is not working for me in the inbox – when I try to add a project to an email, the list of projects disappears as soon as I try to move my mouse in to the list of projects. So I haven’t been able to test it yet, but it sounds like you’re saying that as soon as I set it to “next” it would vanish out of the inbox, before I could set a due date and a project? This is like saying “Hi! You can add one, but only one, AIB item to this email” when essentially every single email I process out of my inbox gets three: Due Date, Project and Status. So if it vanishes after one, that won’t work for me at all.

            Other weirdness: My “Finish” button is misaligned in the inbox, it’s shifted down maybe 15px. So I can’t tell which email it is linked to, because it is spanning the line between two. In the Radar it is occasionally shifted to the right maybe 20px.

            I do greatly prefer the new finish button setup. I have on more than one occasion accidentally edited the status of an email when I was only trying to click on the email to open it. So I am thankful that you’ve revised it.

  • Johan

    Great, developer Remi! I love your work on the hovering finish button, keeping the list free of buttons, until I need them!

  • I like the hovering finish button, but noticed that it leaves the email as unread. Any way to mark the email as read + archive at the same time?

    • Excellent point! Although technically it’s accurate (you haven’t read it)… does being unread cause you problems?

      • Hi Andy, it only causes problems in that it skews my unread email count when I view “all emails”. Often I get emails that I want to keep …and mark as unread… and archive.

  • mz

    This hovering button is a huge improvement. Thanks! It’s also fantastic to have it available in the Inbox section of the Radar. I did notice a small issue that I believe can be improved….

    If I change labels in a section like Today, they instantly update. However, if I add labels to an Inbox email, I need to use the refresh button for them to show up inline in the Inbox. This step shouldn’t be necessary.

    Also, now that I’m adding labels easily from the Inbox view, there probably should be a button in the floating bar, allowing one to archive after setting up labels. I like the concept of auto-archive, but as others have stated, this doesn’t work well when done from the Inbox view.

  • mz

    Another bug with the hovering button, at least in the Inbox view, is that some emails cause the button to not show up. Specifically it is those email threads that contain a phone number in the snippet, and Google Voice converts the number to a link. Something in that process is interfering with AIB’s ability to also create a Finish button over the thread / conversation.

  • Eric Dozier

    Great function. However, when you add a task with the “New Task” button and assign it a status and project, it actually puts a task in your inbox and does not archive it. I have to then archive it myself from my inbox. Not that big of a deal but it would be nice not to actually have a task return to my inbox and clutter it up. Seems like when adding task that way it actually defeats the purpose.

    Another issue was when I was adding tasks this way and wanted to include a checklist, the checklist didn’t get added upon hitting send. I had to retype it. Am I missing something?

  • Is there a way to disable the hovering finish button?

  • Luis Pineda

    Not a fan of this new feature. It auto archives once you select one option, however, if you need to add several settings to an email it is cumbersome. For example if you need to add an email to a file like a customer name and set it to follow up, it will archive before you can do the latter. You’ll have to go back and find the email before you can complete the email preferences.