We shared ActiveInbox 6 nearly 2 months ago (during which time we’ve been beavering away with the obvious improvements to make), but now it would be really great if you could help us prioritise what we do next.

Specifically, is there a reason why ActiveInbox 6 is frustrating you? Before we enhance what it can do, let’s cure the pain…

Please take the survey, or do the quick version by clicking a choice below:

Have you not met ActiveInbox 6 properly yet?
It wants to introduce itself…

In the last week we’ve also made a video to introduce ActiveInbox 6, as this is one of the things we could have done better. (If I’m embarrassingly candid, I hoped it was such a big improvement that it would be self-explanatory, but that was very naive of me).

Also, if there’s one thing I really want to apologise for, it’s that ActiveInbox 6 accidentally turned itself on automatically on the first day we released it. This was a tiny oversight in the code (we left a ‘1’ rather than a ‘0’) with an outsize impact… It really wasn’t the intention, and it distressed you. Rest assured, ActiveInbox 5 (aka Classic) isn’t going anywhere while anyone still uses it.

Oh, and the video is my (Andy’s) voice, so I’m a little anxious about sharing it. We’ll hopefully get it re-dubbed soon!

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This post was written by AndyM

  • Avi Aharon

    Please return the Action button. Currently I have to select it from the Lists drop-down, too many clicks…

    • Hey Avi,

      You can just pin it – open the Lists dropdown, and click the down arrow to the right of ‘Action’.

      • Avi Aharon


      • Daniel Vassen

        And where is the waiting on button?

  • IlΓ­dio de Carvalho

    I need an option to minimize the size of activeinbox toolbar

    • Hi Illidio,

      Please choose the space option in the survey – we can’t factor in every blog comment, we’re trying to understand the needs of everyone en masse πŸ™‚

      (The survey options come from all your individual feedback in the forum btw).

  • Hilary Eppley

    Is there a way for the Active Inbox 6 alert at the bottom of the screen to stop appearing after the initial time (it comes back every time I open gmail)?

    • Hi Hilary,

      That’s something we’ve got on our task list for definite…

      But is there a reason you don’t want to upgrade to V6? That’s the real thing I hope we can solve with this survey πŸ™‚

      • Hilary Eppley

        I guess I thought I had. I’ll look again…

        • You may have already chosen! I don’t get to see individual responses to the survey above, just the results!

          • Paul Thompson

            This is why it is so frustrating – I HAVE upgraded to 6 but the big red upgrade button shows up every time I reopen Gmail anyway. REALLY annoying.

      • Liam Crow

        I agree with this. I rolled back because I couldn’t take the hovering action bar only to be confronted with the always on upgrade notification.

  • Mark Bucherl

    I’m working hard now within ActiveInbox, but one thing I’m annoying myself with: opening emails to delete them, then going to my list to check them off. Can we have a delete key that also checks them off? Thanks!

    • Hi Mark –

      That sounds like a bug; deleted emails shouldn’t appear in your lists. Do you want to create a request in the Forum for it? http://www.getsatisfaction.com/activeinbox

    • This is one of my complaints too. It would make things so much easier if we had this. Make this a priority please? Thank you!

  • Christof KΓ€lin

    Oh, I forgot to mention “I want keyboard shortcuts” in the poll πŸ™‚

    • Hi Christof,

      Definitely vote for that on the forum – but I’d say it’s a new feature rather than refining a current pain πŸ™‚

  • shamnpronetwork

    I have a big problem with Activeinbox 6. I am unable to bulk delete (very important)
    and also I have the button missing to switch between Google and Activeinbox.

    I am however testing activeinbox on my iPhone, and I must say that the apps
    looks very good so far.

    Please find me a way to bulk delete in Google Apps gmail!

  • mz


    These are not in the survey, but I feel they should be! They are in rough priority order, at least for me. Some are feature additions, but I feel they are more important than many other “pain enhancements”. I’ll fill out a survey as well.

    1. Bug fixes, as mentioned in the prior survey I submitted. Especially critical ones, like AIB not reflecting the correct underlying Gmail labels.
    2. Ability to search notes and subtasks.
    3. Undo last click (especially Finish).
    4. Ability to select text in subtasks using the mouse (for more efficient editing).
    5. Multi-selection of emails in AIB lists (as is done by shift-click) in Gmail.
    6. More flexible date entry via text box (examples: 9/1/16, +5, +21, Wed, 2 weeks, 2 months, etc).
    7. Frequently / Recently used tags / folders appearing at the top of the selection menus.

  • Jeff Thom

    Please give us the option to hide the “Add to your Schedule” message. When I have everything done I like to feel good about it and not be pushed to try and think that there must be something that I’m missing. Really love the way the Gmail App says “All done. Enjoy your day!”

    • Kiddie Academy of Phoenixville

      I agree!

      • Interesting, I hadn’t thought about this… noted πŸ™‚

  • William Keene

    I have a lot of project folders, many of which are buried in multiple nestings. I would like to see more options for sizing and scaling drop down boxes so I can actually read my project folder names more easily.

    Also – while I’m at it… is there a better way to deselect a project folder in the menu (to return to “normal” view) than having to go hunting for it in the list?

    • Chris Phillips

      Mee Too – Return to Normal view

      • ojbubbagray

        The Folders drop down totally spun me into unproductivity. I was confused by folders and tags. A big issue was selecting a default view. After many attempts to get a few that had my current tasks, I decided to create a “ToDo” folder and have that show as my default view for creating tasks and then I tags them as needed. I feel that perhaps I am squandering the value of the application

    • This is actually the the most annoying feature for me in this version!

  • Robin Queen

    Within the Action section, can there be two levels of sorting? I would like to sort first by groups and then by dates and have the ability to sort either newest to oldest or the reverse–this is how it worked in the previous version. Perhaps that is already a possibility, but I can’t find it and it’s making it difficult for me to use version 6 because within groups it seems to sort in some other manner within groups. I like much about the interface, but that’s a real hindrance for me at the moment as the messages within a group are impossible to order. Thanks.

    • Hi Robin,

      Can you share with me the particular problem (aka use-case) that double-sort would solve? I’d be up for it, but so far it isn’t clear how it helps…

      • Robin Queen

        Sure. I have a list for tasks that involve something other than giving an answer called “non-email”. Within that list, I would like to sort by group (tags that I’m still using from the earlier version) and within the group by due date. That way the most urgent items in each group are at the top of the list rather than some other random order. Similarly, If I want to sort those items by due date, I would like all the items in a group together so that I can see what types of tasks will be on the docket for a particular date. I use that less frequently than the previous example.

      • mz

        I posted on this in another reply here, just a few minutes ago. Personally, I think it would be more useful and flexible to instead implement an AIB-aware multi-search, which would then allow a single-sort hierarchy to be sufficient for the vast majority of people, while providing other benefits besides.

        • mz

          So, for Robin’s use case:
          Use a new AIB search feature to narrow the tasks to “non-email”, and a given group, then sort by due date. When done, move to the next group.

          The challenge with two levels of nested sorting is that some people will ask for three! Robin – would 1 level be enough if you could search as described above?

  • Chris Phillips

    1. Need a way in settings to disable the hovering action bar – Can’t read the subject – Annoying
    2. Return to normal view – e.g Without “waiting” on top of everything
    3. On my other Gmail accounts – Every time I open a non ActiveInbox account I get the pop up window Do I want to activate AIB6 for this account – Need a checkbox – “No – Don’t ask again – This can be changed in settings if you change your mind” etc….. Or just make it more subtle – Because already it is 2 clicks to get rid of the messages.
    4. Maybe you could build your own CRM features?

    • Hi Chris,

      Firing back a few q’s…

      1. What do you mean by ‘normal’ view? Where is ‘Waiting’ on top of things?

      2. What CRM features would be most helpful?

      • Chris Phillips

        Hey Andy,
        1. If I click on waiting – Then all of the email I marked as waiting appear on top of my inbox. I have to refresh the page to get rid of waiting. Or is there another way?

        2. CRM – Ideas
        1. Obviously a contacts database / Companies
        2. Email tracking – opens
        3. Possibly email marketing or like Mailchimp – Or just integrate with it
        4. Ability to put contacts or “Tag” them into different temporary catagories like Leads, Sales opportunities, etc ….then once deal done or lost the “tag” can be removed and the contact ends back up in general contacts.
        5. Save contact directly from Gmail
        6. Smart populating of the contacts other info – Such as Social profiles, Linked In FB, Insta etc –
        7. Companies – Same as above
        8. Reminders – Etc – You haven’t replied to Peter from xxxx yet, etc
        9. Other reminders / Tasks
        10. A few Statistics – Eg. Days since last contact with xxxx
        11. Ability to log a phone call in the contacts “Card”.
        11. Possibly other integrations I haven’t mentioned
        10. All of this already exists with certain plug in for Chrome and Gmail and already with AI6 – And there are Good to OK CRM’s out there – most are $$$ – I’ve used Hubspot / now using SalesforceIQ – none does a particularly great job.

        I don’t know it was just an idea – Maybe it’s not a good one or something too far from your thinking?

        Cheers Chris

  • MichaΕ‚

    Please make the fonts smaller so more email rows can fit into the screen.

    • AA

      I believe that smaller fonts would make reading difficult. It would be better to get rid of the excessive spacing between row text, keeping the same font size. This being said, it’s an issue.

      • Thanks AA and Michal – we are thinking about this!

  • Pau Varella

    1) The Android App is so so. I need to download all my inbox and action emails to be able to work while on planes. The app only works when accessing the files from the cloud.

    2) I would love to print the emails and their associated tasks, this is also not possible.

    • Hi Pau,

      Offline is on the roadmap, but it’s some way away (sorry!).

      Printing – I’ve noted it πŸ™‚

  • I love it, but would really like the ability to search notes and subtasks. Also more preset options for due date/ waiting drop down like in 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc. But really okay if you can’t. Just wishlisting.

  • Bob Hoff

    Time & Date Stamp in AI Notes – I use the Notes heavily for tracking communications on my emails. I currently type the dates manually and it would be nice to simply click or choose time and date stamp option in the Notes. Thanks in advance for considering this.

    As a 5+year user you have undoubtedly made my business and personal life much easier and it gets better all the time. Your team and product is amazing. Thank you!!

    • John Bowen

      I asked for this feature years ago. I ended up writing a desktop script that runs off of hot keys to populate the date in the notes. Andy, any chance you can add a button to insert the date/time(optional)?

      • Andrew Gross

        I have been using AutoHotKey (windows only) for years for this.

        • John – I remember this coming up!

          But for the life of me, I can’t remember the nature of how it would best work.

          What would be the most automated way we could help? And what’s the use-case/benefit of doing so?

          • mz

            Haha! Me too, though I just build it in the past few weeks. I have a relatively new request in the Getsatisfaction site for automatically date / timestamping a completion time for finished notes in the notes section.

            By the way, if you coupled that with searchable notes, you’d be pretty close to a true history of completed tasks by date. πŸ˜‰

            Otherwise, notes can also be used to record details of conversations (by phone), completed subtasks, etc. Those notes often benefit from dates and/or times.

  • Ben

    Undo button. Probably at least once a day I assign a status and archive or hit Finish and then realize I’m just made a terrible mistake. A time-limited Undo button like Gmail already has would be fantastic.

    • Bob Hoff

      Undo button is needed for me as well. I use the same gmail function allowing me to set time to undo ex. 30 secs. If I want to move forward I can simply click anything and the undo option link disappears

    • I personally just hit my back button on my browser, mouse or keyboard and undo what I just did wrong but an undo button like Gmails would be pretty handy.

  • drzainhakeem

    I’ll repeat the refrain I’ve had since I started using ActiveInbox – Mobile, mobile, mobile. The app was (finally) created and released, and is so poorly implemented, it’s useless and I’ve had to turn it off (no way to manage notifications! seriously? A notification for every incoming e-mail? What? I waited so long for this, and it’s still useless.

    One of the main UI problems with both the desktop and mobile is the use of totally incomprehensible icons. I have to click multiple places to figure out how to do what I want to do – go back to descriptive buttons! Even google has reversed it’s choice on that and move away from undescribed icons (and amazon’s kindle … that should tell you something about the failure of the idea).

    • If I understand you correctly, the reason the mobile app is useless is because of notifications? Is there anything more?

      We’ve already begun work on supporting Android’s grouping of email notifications.

      As for supporting full text buttons on mobile, obviously there’s a screen real estate problem. The only thing we can do is make clicking any button non-dangerous, so people can play and learn.

      • I had to uninstall it because of the notifications issue, it just hammered my phone all of the time and obliterated my notifications view. I’ve read about the new grouping of notifications in the latest version of Android however that doesn’t really help those of us that are stuck waiting for our providers to upgrade our devices to take advantage of that feature and that could be another 12 months!

  • Philip Kent Kiracofe

    I use Active Inbox for 3 different email accounts (all based on google mail. One is a gmail.com account and the other two are corporate domains using google mail). In a web browser, this works fine as I can have multiple tabs open logged into different google apps accounts. On my mobile device, it’s a nightmare as I have to logout of one account, then log into another account in order to access mail. Each time I want to log in, the app requires a google authentication step all over again. That is Hassle 1

    Hassle 2, Because I am logged out of the account, there is no ability to sync mail in the background. So when I log into the second business account, then it must download all the mail that has queued up since last time I logged in. I really should be able to switch seamlessly from one account to the other.

    Hassle 3, much less important, but really annoying, no signature file. So I have to manually cut/paste my signature to maintain the consistency of look/feel from one email to the next.

    • Hi Philip,

      Multi login is definitely on the roadmap for mobile; as are signatures.

  • Kalico

    When I say I want Classic back, I want Classic back and I want it to STAY. There are constant reminders that AIB 6 is available, and I keep having to turn them off. And then it seems like every time I turn around AIB 6 is back, and I have to go turn Classic back on. And that !@#$% jumpy sidebar thing….I am so tired of chasing it around. And then there’s the toolbar that floats on top of every inbox item and follows my mouse. It hides the action buttons from Google Calendar, and covers up the excerpt from the email. I try to revert to the old one, with just the checkmark (which is still bothersome, but at least it doesn’t cover everything) and yet that !@#$% thing still keeps coming back. I have loved AIB since I discovered it a few years ago, but now it’s driving me bonkers. πŸ™

    • sc

      I second all of Kalico’s observations. In fact, last week I disabled AIB entirely because version 6 was driving me crazy and I could never get back to “classic”. For me it is no longer a productivity aid and is instead a hurdle I have to constantly overcome to get things done. I’ll hold out for the next version, but if things don’t improve, I’m done.

      • Thanks sc, I also replied to kalico above, but basically, I want to stop it frustrating you.

    • Thank you for not actually swearing, despite the provocation πŸ™‚

      All this is noted and felt, thank you. I think the key thing is to stop it harassing you to upgrade to 6.

  • Phil

    I am frustrated as to the room it takes up at the top and how sometimes the bar accross the top of the inbox follows you down the screen interrupting the e mail you are reading. You have made significant improvements but I am just worried that because It does not sync with anything such as my CRM I am going to choose one or the other.

    Feels slightly buggy to me especially when i zoom in the screen.

    Not sure how important the project element is due to the power of the search in Gmail

    The fact I have this as a free 12 months through my company highlights that if there was a cost attached i am not sure i would pay for it

    Really hoping you get it right as i was a big fan


    • Thanks Phil.

      Could you possible send a screenshot of it using lots of space? I’m struggling (because of our setup) to see where the worst pain points are, but really want to know…

      As for Projects – you definitely don’t need to use them. There’s plenty of other useful bits in AIB (and in fact, we don’t advise new users to use them).

      As for CRM, which one do you use, and how would you like to integrate it?

  • Bill Brandon

    How about just a simple search box? Even with tags and folders, I have a hard time finding, for example, all the email from a given person who may be involved in multiple projects.

    • Hi Bill,

      How would this differ to regular Gmail search?

      • mz

        I think Bill is referring to an AIB-aware search. For example, I can’t easily find all emails due today that are Action emails, for a given project. I actually think this would invalidate the need for multiple levels of nesting for sorting / grouping. Since you allow classification along multiple dimensions (Contexts, Lists, Dates, Projects), this kind of smart search would allow for focused work without so much clicking around, hacking the Gmail search box by typing ZD/20160922, etc.

  • Greg French

    I would love to see the ability to search the tasks and notes. Even if this was accomplished through a separate search bar.

  • ActiveInboxFriend

    Stop asking me each time I log in what Active Inbox 6 can do better for me. Perhaps I’m an unusual case study, but I use Active inbox in Chrome on at least five different machines, across 2 different Google App IDs (a primary, and a personal). Each time I switch devices or log into a new user ID I’m asked to complete the survey and am forced to click “DISMISS” each time.

  • Chris Hoffman

    it wastes a lot of screen real estate. over half my screen is going when I use it.

    • Hi Chris,

      Would I be able to get a screenshot of that? Space usage is a real issue for people, but we don’t feel it too much, and I think it might be a local configuration type thing (so your screenshot would help us understand!).

  • RoadWaryur

    Make Active Inbox available for Outlook.com accounts. However, all we ever read on your forums is that you’ll let us know when that happens. Can we just be honest with each other and admit that you aren’t working on that, at all?

    • I’ll ask Lisa to be a bit more pessimistic in how she relays it, but she’s technically correct – we will let you know when it happens, but you’re also correct in that we aren’t yet working on it. Bringing something to Outlook is on our long-term roadmap though.

  • Andrew_C

    Hi guys, best Gmail extension full stop!!!!!!

    Except this:
    When I click on ‘send later’ button and select an option the window activates straight away however clicking on the ‘Waiting until’ button and selecting an option the pop up still remains until you click out of it…. would just be nice to click once and it goes away.

    • Thanks Andrew πŸ™‚

      The tricky thing with that is that Waiting On has multiple options inside it, so kind of needs to stay open for that reason.

      • Andrew_C

        You’re right, Andy. I understand what you’re saying…

  • William Alexander

    It would be nice to be able to select multiple emails in the inbox and assign the same due date etc to them.

  • Nicholas LeBlanc

    Suggestion for minor change: After typing a note, it would be great if hitting Tab would then move focus to the “Save” button. I can then just hit Tab + Enter after finishing a note to save the contents.

  • Margaret Rosenstein

    I’ve been running into a few problems with mousing over the buttons because I magnified my screen. It would be nice if that was more seamless.

    • Hi Margaret – I think the magnification is what is causing so much frustration with that feature; we’re going to look at it as a priority.

  • Rob Cross

    I have just noticed you now have an android app although a widget would be more useful for quick access to emails.

    • FactChecquer

      The performance of the Android app is particularly poor. For some reason, if the app hasn’t been used in a while (tens of minutes), it takes forever to load new messages. Opening image-intensive messages is very slow, and the controls don’t appear until most of the message has loaded. The HTML renderer is obviously homegrown, since a substantial fraction of messages are so mangled that they’re unreadable, and the content of a fair number isn’t displayed at all.

  • Irene Postma

    What I dislike is that when I start gmail, the active inbox doesn’t immediately work. If I try to open a mail, the word ‘next action waiting on some day … (etc.)’ appear at the right of the mail, making the line for the heading grow 10 times as high. That shifts to the next mail if that is where my cursor goes next. It is annoying.

    • Oh, we solved that a long time ago, and it’s a mistake that it’s come back. I’ll just go give Remi a clip around the ear.

    • FactChecquer

      Performance in general is poor. Given that the input sizes involved are quite small, the computational part of execution time should be negligible. The network latency part should be more clearly communicated through the UI (e.g. with progress bars). These are solved problems, so I suspect the algorithms used are mostly homegrown.

      • FactChecquer

        Regarding performance, it is now very clear to me that the problem is related to computation, not communication. Using the “Resource Monitor” tool, I can watch my laptop go from a quiescent state to steady 25% CPU usage for several minutes when I add a label to a message. Chrome’s JavaScript profiling tool offers additional evidence, as shown in the attached image: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6e11016517c9b7774c2f07e5d16e0757696546bb542f5a27a1aef6ba5fb396f1.png

        If this were my product, I would drill down and find out (a) which functions are sucking up all of the CPU cycles and (b) why all that garbage collection is necessary.

        • FactChecquer

          Of course, if I were frustrated enough to try to do that myself, I would determine that the vast majority of the CPU cycles are spent in one millisecond bundles by the “delay” “method,” and that the actual problem is the ridiculous number of times that method is invoked.

  • Plutomoondude

    I am sure others have already posted this, but I will add my voice. The Active Inbox overlay which covers the subject of the email entirely is the worst UX design I have seen from any software release in a long time. How this got published to production is beyond me. I may be deactivating AI until this “feature’ is corrected.

    • Thank you for making me feel your passion for this πŸ™‚

      I think there must be some local configuration that makes it particularly awful for some users, because for us it’s fine, but plenty of people like yourself hate it.

      If you get a chance, could you send a screenshot that demonstrates how annoying it is?

  • Anish

    There is a conflict between AIB and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Sidebar…

    I have the sub notes set for ‘align view horizontally.’ When LinkedIn Sidebar is enabled, the sidenotes are not visible in horizontal view.

    ref: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/linkedin-sales-navigator/eekjikilggkdpjklgpnceahcioemadje

    • Noted!

    • Lars Erik RΓΆjerΓ₯s

      I have the same issue. I just installed LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and now I cannot access the notes and subtasks. Will this be resolved?

      • Lisa Reynolds

        Hello Lars

        You can change the sub tasks and notes to ‘align horizontally’ in Preferences, which puts them above the email (like on Classic).

        • Lars Erik RΓΆjerΓ₯s

          Hi Lisa,

          Thanks, that did it. I am impressed that you answered my question in six minutes πŸ˜‰ Good service!

  • Emma Gerring

    I’d like to keep the colour coded tags on my emails. The old AIB used to allow this. Helps me see at a glance which emails need work.

    • Hi Emma – it actually should respect that. I’ll check.

  • Carlo

    First of all, many thanks for the app and thanks that you want our feedback. It will be impossible to make it right for everybody:
    1. Undo button+1!
    2. The old way to take notes was much better
    3. Searching notes and subtasks
    4. Reminder function: I tend to push forward many emails that are not imminent or that I don’t have to answer soon but don’t want to forget. But I still want to distinct between the importance of emails. Some of them I WOULD HAVE TO ANSWER TODAY under any circumstances, even if evening. Before AIB I solved this with leaving them unread until replied, now I mark them with “today” but depending on the day of the week, they disappear in-between all the other piled-up mails. A one-button solution for such important mails would be highly appreciated…
    5. An adjustable reminder function for mails that have not yet been answered by the addressee. You write a mail and in case you don’t get an answer, you are automatically reminded that it is still open.
    6. Overdue mails are at the end of my list, under every other group… In my opinion, “overdue” should be more important than that?

    • Hi Carlo,

      All noted, but if I could clarify…

      2. What was better about the old way of taking notes?

      4. I’d suggest two alternative approaches to this: a) in your Today view, drag the critical ones to the top (you can drag when ‘Sort’ is set to ‘None’). Or b) add a List called ‘Urgent’, and mark those emails as both Today and Urgent (you can then ‘Sort’ your Today view by List to separate them).

      5. Waiting On does exactly this now πŸ™‚ Click the circular arrow near the Send button when you reply…

      6. This is super controversial, in the sense that no one can agree. Others say give Today a chance to be completed before that too becomes Overdue πŸ™‚

      • FactChecquer

        6. So, obviously, that should be a user preference setting.

        • Guilherme Huth

          6. In the AIB5 I set the option “[x] Include Overdue items in Today” in my Preferences.

          Now, in AIB6, this option was eliminated in “Preferences”, but the behavior has not changed (Overdue are showed in Today).

  • I’m a new trial user, so I can’t compare the new version with your previous versions. I really, really like what I see and I would subscribe today if you had one additional feature!

    I have been using Todoist for years, and I don’t really want to leave them for my primary to-do application. If you offered integration so I could use your UI and integration with Gmail to work with tasks in my Todoist account, then I would be a customer already!

    Otherwise, it looks like a great app…

    • Hi Kenneth,

      While I’m open to the idea, integrating Todoist is quite far down our list of priorities… Is there a feature that Todoist has that you need in AIB for a complete switch? Would love to hear πŸ™‚

      • FactChecquer

        1. Recurrences
        2. See #1

  • Ferenc Toth

    Although I love the look of AIB 6 I find that I am way more disorganised with my email than I was with AIB 5. There is just something not fine tuned about it. Things that I feel add to the disorganization:
    1. My previous Projects labels have been sorted into Folders and Tags seemingly at random. I don’t know what the intention was to have Folders and Tags when they are both just Projects or labels.
    2. I can’t go to a project folder, have it display all the Action items plus all the email messages in that Folder that were not marked with an action item. Somehow I need to be able to go to a Project’s folder, see all the related email, and see all the To Dos related to that Project. Why is this simple feature not available? Or if it is, I am completely missing it.

    • Hi Ferenc,

      Wrt #2, if you go into the project folder, and click ‘Done’, you’ll see all the emails. I think we need to rename this though!

  • Anish

    I’d like to see an option for the hoverbar on the gmail inbox page to only include icons for the “Due Date” and “Waiting” functions so the bar isn’t taking up so much space… on my small laptop screen, the bar often masks the entire subject when I don’t have my gmail set to fullscreen.

    • jpnelson40

      The current New Message compose window has similar arrangement at the bottom of the window (see attachment), though the Due Date and Waiting icons are reversed in order, just to keep one alert I suppose. In AIB 6.0.23, my current version, the Folder icon is present, but the Label one is not (and I think it is redundant to have both, if I understand the new terminology of AIB6). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e003b6aa2e59c5280daeaf4341ab532e3b24858c8e479f9c62c4d1c9ca5ea53c.png

      Activeinbox V6.0.23
      Chrome Version 54.0.2840.34 beta-m (64-bit)
      Java Virtual Machine 1.8.0_101 (64 bit)
      Windows 10 Pro

  • Good morning developpers. To put you in context, I was a paying customer last year and I didn’t renew. I came to revisit the app since I saw your intervention on a list of best productivity app somewhere, you were telling that you just launched version 6, so here I am, testing it out.

    First, I must say that I heavily considering coming back, version 6 seems like everything was done right, it ‘melts’ more with the Gmail layout than the last layout, to me, it’s like if it was part of the Gmail layout. Congrats because, that was one of the reason I had made the switch to ToDoist last year.

    An Android app, that was a major point to me, and you’ve done it. It could be more well presented, but it works and gets the job done, no complaints, it’s just esthetical to me, so not a real bummer. Thumbs up!.

    I’m still testing it, I have only passed 4 days on it so far and I’m impressed. Good job.

    Now, something that would help me, and I’m sure that could help others, I know it could be tricky, maybe not technically feasable, but wouldn’t be great to get a Google Drive integration? On the right side of the screen, just under Sub tasks and Note, where you could ‘link’ files to an email fo reference?

    Let say I receive an email from someone telling me to do something (pretty vague, I know), and that I have a PDF files stored in my Google Drive that relates to this, I could then just browse my Google Drive from there and link that PDF to the current email/task and insert a note alongside. That would, I think, give a small boost to the tool by converting it more to a productivity/todo tool.

    Maybe there’s already a way to achieve that and I didn’t saw it. Thanks

    • Thanks Patrick – I’ve made a note of the GDrive idea. It’s definitely interesting. You can manually store links to GDocs in your Notes; but I agree it would be cool to automate it a bit more.

      • Ok, I just managed to open a document in Google Drive (Docs), get the URL shortened with Google URL shortening service and added it as a subtask and in works, I can click on it and open the file on the go. Thanks a lot!

      • Angus

        I like the Google Drive integration idea!

  • Monika Macias

    How to minimize the Task area? I accidentally selected the “Waiting” link of the Tasks, and now I can’t minimize it, nor return to viewing my email inbox without the Task section taking up most of the screen.

    • Hi Monika,

      This is a glitch I’m fixing – in the meantime, if you select any tab (e.g Today) and then click Inbox, you’ll be back in control!

  • jpnelson40

    When in individual emails, the current “list” is highlighted, but clicking on that dropdown box doesn’t change the label in the email; so for example if the current list is “Next” but I am finished doing whatever I planned to do, clicking on the List doesn’t toggle it off, nor is there an option in the dropdown to do so. I must scroll down to the labels and click the “x” in the Next label, just as one would do in bare Gmail. If I have set a “Waiting” date, many times the List category is no longer relevant, but that is a separate decision I suppose; usually I would prefer that my setting the waiting date would cancel the List entry. I conceive the “waiting date” as the next time I need to or plan to work on that item again, distinct from a due date (deadline, drop-dead date, whatever).

    Activeinbox V6.0.23
    Chrome Version 54.0.2840.34 beta-m (64-bit)
    Java Virtual Machine 1.8.0_101 (64 bit)
    Windows 10 Pro

    • mz

      I don’t I don’t have this issue, for what it’s worth. I clear a list on an individual email all the time.

      • jpnelson40

        You are correct, as I didn’t notice that the selections in the dropdown were toggles of that item. I was just clicking on the dropdown itself, not the items within it. I cannot tell if one or more items is active, looking at the dropdown list (maybe there are subtle color changes I am unable to detect).

  • Guilherme Huth

    I hope this screenshot will be useful to demonstrate how space is lost on the screen.

    GMAIL – Default order (by date)
    AIB 5 – All Tasks – Group by Project – Sort by List.
    AIB 6 – Specific Project – Group by List. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/371692285d6c2e7fa33ab861a591aef4d816a6f0f6e59beea1c37e3e8c875c7d.jpg

    • Thanks Guilherme – that’s a very good demonstration! Olly has done us a more compressed design, so we’ll get it implemented as soon as we can.

  • William Keene

    I remember a feature in the old version where you could select “include subfolders” in the view. This was INCREDIBLY USEFUL and I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. If it’s there can someone tell me where
    2. If it’s missing it needs to come back.

    It seems such a simple thing and yet so useful…

    • Hi William,

      Can you give us some real world examples of how it was useful to you?

      If we can justify it, it may be worth restoring in some form, but I’m not sure how yet.

      • mz


        I can give some. I’ve ended up building Gmail filters to automatically add parent labels as a workaround to this AIB limitation, but I’d much rather avoid doing so in the future.

        Put simply, I nest labels within projects. I do this so that when I talk to certain people, or am working on certain tasks, I can pull in all relevant emails without being overwhelmed by the list of all emails project-wide. For example:

        Project A
        — North America team
        — Europe team
        — Problems
        — Billing

        Now, Europe team might have 10 tasks, but there might be 50 project-wide. When I’m on a call with the Europe team, I don’t want to see 40 irrelevant emails. However, there are plenty of times I need to see all 50, such as when I’m prioritizing project wide and not on a call with anyone. Or, I just want to see how much work there is on Project A in a given week.

        As the feature currently stands, I can double-label all emails with “Project A” and also “Europe Team”. Since I don’t like labeling all the time and then getting penalized for times I forget to do so, I generally do this automatically through filters.

        It would be much simpler if I could just label the relevant emails with “Europe team”. If AIB let me see subfolders, I could view all Project A emails without also having to explicitly label them “Project A” first. I could just pull up the Project A folder, and select “include subfolders”.

        If you don’t want a toggle, then I think it would be preferable to just default to view all subfolders. Such behavior would be more logical from “folder semantics”, since I’ve explicitly put “Europe team” INSIDE the Project A folder. Viewing the Project A folder should also therefore include the Europe team contents. It wouldn’t be a huge deal to add “General” under Project A, and place all items in there that don’t pertain to the other areas, so I could maintain the current output that I see today by using that method. It would also be more explicit and clear to new users.

        Now, imagine I ever want to nest another sub-level! All of the above becomes even more complex if I have to do it manually without a “include subfolders” option. With filters, it becomes completely untenable as I am growing exponentially the number of required filters with each nested level (label parent, label parent’s parent, etc.). Another level of nesting can be very useful for large projects, and AIB’s design should ensure AIB’s value grows with the size and complexity of a project. For example, I might want a “EU countries” sub-header under “Europe team” for example. And a “Former EU countries” category. πŸ˜‰

        Hope that one got smile Andy!

      • William Keene

        mz gave a great reply. It’s a Set and Subset thing. In my case it’s Chapters and Regions. Some regional topics are chapter-specific and will fall into the Chapter Subset. Others are not and would fall under the Region Set. Type A topics might be in the set as well as several subsets, as might Type B, C, etc.

        I would ideally like to find a way under my system to have everything under subsets and nothing under the set. But that would still require seeing all subsets at the same time.

        Another label is just time consuming clutter on the screen. We want simplicity right? And I already use lists for a totally separate time management system.

  • Troels Flensted

    I would like an option for notes to be added to all emails received from the same email address, otherwise I’ll end up with way too many folders for all kinds of conversations.

    Hope it makes sense

  • Angus

    I echo the (seemingly very popular) idea of an ‘Undo’ button

  • Bill Pflum

    Enhance V6 by moving back to V5 which is much better – please.