Hi everyone,

I’ve just released a little update to ActiveInbox, based on your very helpful feedback from recent surveys and forum chats…

(There’s plenty more to come! Just want to roll things out as soon as they’re ready).

The problem with Task Lists not refreshing is fixed

This was the big one – for some people, in some circumstances, your Tasks Lists would not automatically update when you changed something (you had to reload them). I went through it with a fine tooth comb, and now it’s definitely more reliable.

The hovering Action Bar is less intrusive

A big source of frustration was how the floating Action Bar (in the Inbox and Task Lists) would obscure too much of the conversation row. So I’ve made it only appear if you move your mouse to the right of the row – it’s all still there, just less likely to appear when you don’t want.

The Waiting/Send Later sidebar glitch

It was annoying people that they couldn’t deselect the Waiting view after choosing it in the sidebar… well now you can πŸ™‚

Fixed bug to make the Action Bar work in ‘Done / All Mail’ section of Folders

Rather self explanatory – previously, if you expanded ‘Done’ in a folder and checked several rows, there was no way to actually do anything with them. All sorted!

Viewing Search Results as ActiveInbox Tasks is improved

You can turn on ‘ActiveInbox view’ for your search results, and now see all the results (rather than just tasks, as it incorrectly was before).

General Speed Ups

I took the opportunity to hook up the Profiler and look for any opportunity to speed up ActiveInbox – there’s very few left, but I think I got one or two little bits of fine tuning done.

Making way for Firefox 50 (aka e10)

It’s going live slowly, but we’ve had to make some pretty big ‘under the hood’ changes to support the new Firefox – we’re all ready now though.

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This post was written by AndyM

  • twooten

    “The hovering Action Bar is less intrusive” – OMG Thank you for fixing that!

  • Eric Orsbon


  • timnikolaev

    Am I the only one that finds being double counted in “Today” and “Overdue”. Could we fix that or give an option to turn off? Please?!

    • Guilherme Huth

      Not sure if it is your case, but I notice there is an option deactivated, but still affecting the way you see Today/Overdue.

      I changed back to AIB5 for a while and unmark the option (Preferences): Include Overdue items in Today.

      • timnikolaev

        So, are you saying that the option is only available in AIB5? I checked AIB5, it wasn’t checked, cannot get it to work in 6. Love 6, but need that feature.

        • Guilherme Huth

          In my case the “Overdue” was also counted in “Today” because the option was checked in AIB5.

          In the sample (screenshot) I had 3 items on “Today” and 2 on “Overdue”, but “Today”
          counter was 5.

          After unchedk the option in AIB5, the “Today” counter was adjusted to 3.

          It seems your case isnΒ΄t the same. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/796571f83a53f8a05df8ccb9c64013909f6e381d16ba10cb636d61fbdc502ea8.jpg

          • timnikolaev

            Thank you for taking the time!

            1. When I checked 5 – it was unchecked.
            2. I tried going back to 5, checking, refreshing, unchecking, refreshing, going to 6.
            3. If I have a TO DO item with a past due date – it shows up in overdue only.
            4. If I have a WAITING FOR item with a past due date – it shows up in both, today and overdue + counted in both.

            It’s #4 that’s driving me crazy. Is it only me that it happens to? Am I missing something and shouldn’t be bothered?

          • Guilherme Huth

            I also had a problem that no one else reported. I solved it through the support@activeinboxhq.com (with Lisa). I suggest you to try also with the support team.

          • Hi Tim,

            Can you clarify the exact way you’d like it to work?

            (Waiting On dates, as a newer feature, wasn’t build to the same preference that used to be in V5… but we do need to make it more consistent!).

          • timnikolaev

            1. Love the feature, works great in general.
            2. “Waiting for” items that are overdue should only show up in overdue and be counted in overdue (not in “today” also, as they are now).

          • David O’Neill

            Andy, was anything done to resolve this?

        • David O’Neill

          Did you ever find a way to resolve this?

          • timnikolaev

            Nope, never did. End up moving all Overdue tasks to Today not to duplicate the count. It throws off the priority of tasks… Was hoping Andy was going to get this fixed, I am assuming you have the same issue?

          • David O’Neill

            I am. This has become my biggest bugaboo with AI6, next to the difficulty the drop down task menu gives me when I try to access it after adding labels.

          • timnikolaev

            Yup, have same exact issue on both counts. @andyrmitchell:disqus is there any way to get this fixed? Didn’t realize I wasn’t the only one.

          • timnikolaev

            Yup, have same exact issue on both counts. @andyrmitchell:disqus is there any way to get this fixed? Didn’t realize I wasn’t the only one.

  • Kudos on the new implementation of the “hovering action bar”. MUCH better! Thanks.

  • Aaron Browning

    Still can’t seem to de-select the waiting view on Chrome on Mac OSX Sierra

    • Hi Aaron,

      It’s designed to work the same way as the rest of the Gmail sidebar. So you can’t deselect per se, but you can now click ‘Inbox’ and ‘Waiting’ will close.

  • THANK YOU πŸ™‚ for fixing the hovering covering up the line thing you are AWESOME!!! love it love it love it telling everyone ….

  • Sridhar Dhanapalan

    Well done! Just a small correction, it’s “e10s”, not “e10”. The “10” refers to the number of letters between the first and last letter in the full name, “electrolysis”.

  • Byungwoo

    How can I update to 6.0.27+? I cannot find any update in Firefox plug-in…

  • Byungwoo

    How can I update to 6.0.27+ ? My version is still 6.0.21 in Firefox 49.0.1 and I cannot find any new version in Firefox..

    • Hi Byungwoo,

      We made a huge change (behind the scenes) to support the new Firefox, so we’re rolling it out slowly and cautiously. It should be with everyone by next week.

  • Otto Gross

    Hi can somebody help me out? I have upgraded my AI from the trial to professional version. Since i have done it I can’t see any of the buttons (due date, waiting on etc.) also the gmail account will not switch on to the AI mode. I am working on Mac using safari as well as chrom and have the extentions. I sent emails to support with no response. Looks like i wasted my money. Thanks Otto

    • Hi Otto,

      I’ve personally replied to your email. Lisa (our customer support) had a medical emergency yesterday, and couldn’t even notify me about it – so we missed a day of doing support. I’m really sorry about that (and to anyone else affected). We’ll be back up to speed in a few hours.

      • Otto Gross

        Many thanks Andy, got it!

  • jpnelson40

    6.0.28 is much improved over 6.0.23, thank you much.

    One detail that I keep stumbling over: the List dropdown allows multiple items to be toggled (one at a time), but the appearance in the list doesn’t change, so if one clicks on the list, it isn’t possible to tell which one(s) are toggled on at the moment. If only one is active, then that one is prominently labeled on the dropdown button. If more than one is active, one of them provides the label, but one can’t see which other ones might be active. Hovering over the List button doesn’t reveal that information either, unlike the Folder button. I suppose an alternative is to have the list items mutually exclusive (only one set at a time, more or less as Status used to be in AIB 5, or configurable).

    A second issue is that the Folder items that are selected are not at the top of the list; in my case, with many folders and sub-folders, it is tedious to find and toggle one to unselected mode. Maybe having them selected could pin them to the top of the list?


    Activeinbox V6.0.28
    Chrome Version 54.0.2840.41 beta-m (64-bit) 20160928
    54.0.2840.34 beta-m (64-bit)
    Firefox 49.0.1
    Java Virtual Machine 1.8.0_101 (64 bit)
    Windows 10 Pro

    • jpnelson40

      The multiple list issue, I found later, can be configured under “Configure Custom Types > Lists”; if this item “Allow adding to multiple Lists (emails can belong to more than one list at once)” is unchecked, then the lists are mutually exclusive, which seems better to me (especially since they are not highlighted in the dropdown list).

  • mz

    There’s a small bug with the hovering bar. If I use it to change a due date, list, or anything else, the bar disappears. Making a selection shouldn’t cause the bar to disappear. I can’t get it back in the usual way to make further changes. The only way to get it back is to move the mouse off the row in question, then back onto that row and to the trigger area.

  • Eric Dozier

    I don’t have a todo button. Does anyone else have that issue?

  • Guilherme Huth

    # Viewing Search Results as ActiveInbox Tasks is improved.

    Very nice. It will be great with the Group/Sort feature (same as AIB5). Maybe Sort with the ability to choose two fields. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dbc8355282d51ab962b217d6f8597b1594ff37d8f7b447b2563b3c9921788c04.jpg