Hi all,

We’ve been busy adding a few little improvements to ActiveInbox. As my brain isn’t feeling hugely creative right now, I’ll just skip to describing them 🙂

Choose from Recent Folders


ActiveInbox now remembers the last 3 folders you picked, and puts them up top, so you don’t have to trawl through a long list for them.

Send And…

send_and 2

We’ve put a hover menu over the Send button, so it’s really easy to either mark an email as Done or as Waiting On (just at the moment you’re most likely to want to do it).

Re-Arranged the Review List Tabs


This was just a little touch to make the Review Tabs (above your inbox) consistent with our action menu in the email view, to help build muscle memory.

We made pinning more obvious


In the dropdowns, we’ve made the pin icon it’s own button (rather than being buried in a menu); because we’ve found that not everyone knows you can pin things to optimise using ActiveInbox.

Refer a Friend, and be richer than your wildest dreams*

(* Assuming suitably modest dreams)


In the name of lazy marketing (aka asking you to tell a friend), we’re bribing you (Lisa says I should say “thanking you”) with credit to extend ActiveInbox.

It’s a little nuanced, so roughly:

  • If someone installs, you get 50% of the credit
  • If they buy, you get the rest

The credit applies immediately, and extends your (personal, professional or business) account by the calculated amount of time.

We’re not at all sure what’s a sensible reward to give, so we’d welcome your feedback (even though that blatantly incentivises you to say “more, more!”). It means it’s also likely to change (but we’ll always honour whatever deal was present at the time you did the invite).

It’s rolling out slowly

We’re getting a bit more nervous in our old age, so for a big change like this, we’re only releasing it today to 20% of users. Then tomorrow we’ll do the rest. Sadly we have very little control over who those 20% are!

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This post was written by AndyM

  • Carmine Morra


    it’s all good but invite your friends is in front of my google chat. it took a while to figure out how to get rid of it.

    Finally off subject…
    gimmee AI for ipad pro so i can really use the dang thing for work.

    pretty please.

  • Ian Gadd

    Really grateful for the ‘recent folders’ option but it does clash with this workflow: select the ‘Project’ folder with the mouse, type a few letters of the project you want, and hit return. Before, AIB added the relevant project; now it just adds whatever is the most recent folder (I guess because it’s at the top of the menu)…

    • Hi Ian,

      I agree, it makes more sense to ignore Recent… I’ll see what I can do!

  • Mark Dembo

    I like the “Send And” feature – but it only seems to show up on message I reply to, not if I’m composing a new message. Am I missing something?

    • No you’re not – it’s an oversight on our part. We’ll get it fixed 🙂

  • Christof Kälin

    Ups…the Tag dropdown is hidden now, because I have too many tags pinned… I cannot reach it, unless I have a 50” Monitor available. The top bar should be scrollable in those cases, please.

    • Hi Christof – could you post a screenshot of the affected area? It’ll help me see how to replicate it, and fix it !

      • Christof Kälin

        now comment ìn the correct thread 🙂

        I made the browser window a bit smaller to show the border right, but also in fullscreen mode I do not see the tag dropdown. You can reproduce it just by pinning a lot of tags 🙂

        • Got it 🙂

          Remi will deal with it this afternoon. In the meantime, if you zoom out in Chrome (temporarily!), you should be able to correct it.

          • Christof Kälin

            Thanks Andy, hope he can do something about it. Unfortunately I’m short-sighted, so zooming out is no fun 🙂

          • I only meant for long enough to get the Tag dropdown back, so you can unpin things, then grow it big again!

          • Christof Kälin

            Hi Andy & Remi, Thanks for this really fast layout fix (now showing tags on multiple rows with 6.0.33+) 🙂

          • 🙂

  • jcoeng

    for some reason my radar box has now grown to take up my entire screen. I have to scroll all the way down (below the fold) to get to my inbox. I get the pop up mouse icon for resizing the radar box, but nothing happens when I try to resize. Just started today. I was able to resize on one of my accounts, but others don’t resize. Any ideas?

    • Hi Jason,

      It’s working fine on all my accounts here…

      If you’d be happy to let me run my diagnostics tools over your account for 5 mins, I will happily do so 🙂 Just contact Lisa (support@activeinboxhq.com) and she’ll let you know what’s involved and schedule a time.

  • Scott Muench

    The review tabs are great particularly when you pin open an item because I have found that they also act as toggle buttons to show / hide the review content. Unfortunately a selected item (not pinned) does not have that feature, so there is no way to “get out of” the currently selected review (or is there?). I would suggest that an unpinned tab item should act as a pinned tab to support the toggle too, (so the drop down selector be separate button always)

    • Hi Scott – I’m really sorry but I’m struggling to 100% understand what you mean… could you possibly upload a screenshot?

      • Scott Muench

        Sure please find example of a review tab opened to a nonpinned item, click on it and it acts like the drop down open icon (because its combined with that) I propose they act separately and the nonpinned behavior matches that of the pinned item. Also maybe making the inbox lable in the left pane have the same behavior to clear the currently focused review (like all the rest of the labels do)
        The goal here is to unclutter the screen when I’m done in a review mode, and I simply cant find a way to do that for unpinned items, so I’m suggesting two possible way to get there

        • Ah yes – it’s surprisingly difficult to solve this.

          At the moment, it essentially gives the dropdown a title (“Friends”), and so you’re still just opening the dropdown. You then need to unselect it from the list.

          But lots of people are confused by this. It’s on our list to deal with as soon as we can.

          • Scott Muench

            Thanks Andy, I was missing that I could unselect an item to clear my focus, that’s a fine work around for now.

  • mz

    I just sent an email with the “+2d Waiting on” hover option. My email sent, but a notice at the top appeared a couple seconds later, saying “you are no longer waiting on a reply, because you already have one”. The Waiting On was added, then removed, as AIB somehow interpreted my sent email as the reply (I think?).