One of the major frustrations stopping people upgrading from V5 to V6 was that you no longer had an equivalent to Radar for seeing multiple task lists simultaneously (e.g. to keep both Today and Waiting On in view).

Remi has been feverishly beavering away, and now we’ve introduced Multi Lock for those who like a little more oomph to their overview. (We do only recommend it for people with ginormous screens though).

Opening Multiple Views

Just Shift+Click on an ActiveInbox tab, or Waiting/Send-Later in the sidebar, and it’ll be locked open. You can still continue to click around to change your main choice too, even when things are locked open.


Resizing the Task Lists

We’ve also added the ability to resize the task lists, to better fit your screen. Just move your mouse to the bottom of the task list, and it’ll change to a resize-icon. Click and drag to your hearts desire 🙂

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This post was written by AndyM

  • Ken Kesslin

    When does this version roll out? I’m still on .31

    • Hi Ken –

      Are you on Chrome? It should be ready by now, but may take a few hours to roll out. ActiveInbox will let you know when it does, as it’ll show a black bar at the top of Gmail asking you to refresh.

      If you’re on Firefox, we’re waiting for their approval – hopefully today.

      • Ken Kesslin

        Yes, on Chrome. The update just loaded. Thanks! Very nice improvement.

  • David Lin

    Could you make it collapse when it’s empty and make it auto adjust the height when there’s only a few? Uses too much real estate in Gmail! Will not use until this is improved.

    • We can’t auto adjust the height *and* have it be resizable, sadly.

      Hiding when empty is a good idea though…

      • mz

        +1 on the auto-hiding.

      • mz

        Can you distinguish between full-time manual re-sizing (what you have now), and “locking” a maximum size once then auto-resize afterwards?

        It’s never good to waste space. I think the ideal set up would be to let the user set a maximum size, then auto-resize up to that maximum size. So, you could show the resizing interface only when the content is greater than the set maximum size. Otherwise, shrink to fit the content.

        As an implementation option, you could have an interface “edit mode” where setting the maximum section size only takes place when clicking a button that switches to edit mode. You could also use that mode to allow drag-and-drop ordering of sections and toolbar buttons, but perhaps that’s taking it too far.

        • I still think it’s super fiddly and will come across quite strange. I’m not saying it’s an impossibility, just it’s going to appear like a bug to other people.

          • mz

            I don’t follow you – maybe I wasn’t clear? I think it would be straightforward for people to understand that a section will shrink if unused. If it’s got a scrollbar, they’ll be able to make it bigger as needed, and very likely won’t complain when it shrinks as content is removed. No need to reply if it makes sense now but you disagree or can’t implement… just wanted to send over some feedback.

          • No I understood – we had discussed internally too. I did think it was a good idea at first, but Remi persuaded me it would be tricky to implement *and* potentially appear like a fiddly/erratic behaviour if it changed itself after you’d explicitly set the height. I can’t think of anywhere else this happens with popular UIs?

          • mz

            I can’t think of an example. Remember it would only change height if the content shrunk though – it wouldn’t shrink in some arbitrary manner. I don’t think anyone would say “Now wait! Why did that box not stay larger and show empty space?!” Much like they won’t complain if the box completely disappears when there are no tasks? Here’s an idea though…. Why not put a preference somewhere that says “auto shrink / hide task boxes”? Solves both problems, and also for users who don’t want task boxes disappearing?

          • Roland Bajzák

            I would love this preference (auto shrink)!

          • David Lin

            Or just bring back Radar like originally for power users to enable.

  • Adrian Calderon

    This is a fantastic set of features and really helps my daily work, using the new design! Thank you for listening to our feedback and including them!

    One small suggestion is to have the Task Lists that are locked always appear on top of any Lists that are additionally selected. Usually, I’m locking the Task List that I always want front-of-mind, while the additional Lists are things I’m checking quickly in a moment.

    • Hi Adrian.

      It’s a tricky one – my counter argument is that on smaller screens, with lots of things locked, you wouldn’t really understand/know that you were switching between items.

      I think this is already a complex-enough feature, and don’t want to more it more so 🙂

  • Andy, these are both useful improvements. I see that the pinned labels are also stacking, which is nice.

  • Ferenc Toth

    Andy, good luck with the 125 task you have for today. 🙂

    • Ha ha, well spotted 🙂 (That’s my test account – honest!)

    • Tristan

      Got through all the “low priority” ones though…. That’s gotta be a load off.

  • mz

    I like these changes.

    While playing around, I found something that could use a quick fix. I locked Today and Tomorrow, then unlocked Today, and selected tomorrow. Rather than resorting to the already-visible Tomorrow, AIB duplicated it:

    Also, note that the button row at the top turned into two lines as a side-effect, though it didn’t need to display “Tomorrow” twice and waste the space.

  • mz

    It seems the logic behind the ordering is not too straightforward. I can’t figure out how to lock Overdue above Today. I think you should ignore all the usual ordering considerations for sections and have sections appear in the order locked, right?

    I can only get Overdue above Today if it’s not locked.

    • mz

      OK, I got it to work, but it seems I had to go through an odd assortment of lock-unlock steps to do it.

  • Great improvements Andy, really like where this is going 🙂

  • Verify i-Nine

    The button bar above the email (“Due Date,” “Sub Tasks & Notes,” etc.) now overlays the top of the compose window when the compose window is in non-full-screen mode. If you’re screen is tall enough, you won’t notice it but on lower resolutions and short screens, it can cover the “To” field at the top of the compose window.

  • twooten

    Thanks for all the hard work on this Andy and Remi. You guys are doing a great job!

  • Csaba Együd

    Hi, I love the new version 6 and the latest changes are fantastic too. Thank you!

  • mz

    Overnight my locked Today section did not refresh with the new day. I figure that’s an oversight. A Gmail tab refresh cured it.

  • Byungwoo

    Plz update it for Firefox 🙁

  • mgrds

    This is great – I did get a bit stuck because i locked a folder open – then later i renamed it. I found the old folder name remained locked open with no content in it as that folder did not exist. No amount of refreshing seemed to solve the problem.
    Eventually i recreated an empty folder with the same old name and unlocked that and deleted it again.
    This is a work round but it would probably be better to check for folders being renamed to stop the problem of orphaned folder windows with no obvious way to remove them.

  • Troy Lakey

    Love this update! The resizing features allows me to hide my inbox (and the incoming emails coming into it), which was by far my biggest pain point for working on projects from within my (Active)inbox! Thank you!

    • Mike Gaughan

      Once upon a time we could hide the inbox. I agree that was a nice feature for when you were working on active emails. @andyrmitchell:disqus Any chance it will return?

  • Christof Kälin

    Hi Andy
    Maybe it’s just me (again) having that glitch: When I set a due date +1 or +2 days etc. in a task in “Today”, it still shows up there instead of “Tomorrow” etc.:
    Reloading did not help so far. I have not tested much more yet (well, it’s Monday…)

    Kind regards


    • Christof Kälin

      Reply to myself: Stupidly I confused “Waiting For” date with due date, so please forget my issue. One thing comes to my mind: If I’m confusing the date fields when quickly changing a task (procrastinating that is), maybe others have this cognitive problem too? Wouldn’t it be preferrable to only have one “date” field only with just the task type (“Waiting For” and “normal task”) behind it? I mean, it doesn not matter whether a task has a due date or a waiting for date, in either case it should pop up on that specific date.

  • Csaba Együd

    After a recent update – do not know which – AIB started showing a strange label in edit mode. Pls see the attached shot.

    The little fellow appears only when I set a due (or wait) date and disappears when I set None from the due/wait boxes.
    If I simply remove/delete the ZD/XX label then it keeps there.

    Not a ground-breaking bug, just wanted you to know.


    • Ferenc Toth

      This took me a while to figure out too. It is a ZTASK label which is for some reason hidden. I used to archive just by simply clicking the Xs on all the labels, but tasks would remain in my radar and I couldn’t figure out why. It’s because this ZTASK label would remain, so now I have to click the checkmark button to archive, that will remove even this hidden label.

  • Bryan

    Nice. How do I add Waiting? I don’t see it as an option to shift click and that’s an important category?

  • Troy Lakey

    Just rebooted Gmail and AIB, and am SO thankful for the glorious return of the Hide Inbox feature! Complete AIB Zen achieved! Thank you Andy and Team!

  • Lawrence Lam

    I have been waiting for this feature. Thanks so much. And I love the lock icons. They clearly tell me that the folders are locked.