You might find ActiveInbox is struggling to load in the most recent Safari update. They’ve blundered, and we can’t rescue it (yet).

They’ve firmed up their security to match Chrome – which is awesome – but they haven’t left a way for an extension like us to work (which Chrome did). It’s almost like they didn’t realise the consequences of their actions – there’s simply no documentation for us developers.

In the short term, here’s a workaround:

  1. Open Safari’s Preferences
  2. Go to the Advanced tab. Enable ‘Show Develop menu in the menu bar’.
  3. Back in Safari, go to the Develop menu. Enable ‘Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions’.

We’re trying multiple approaches to solve this properly, but I have a hunch we need Apple to realise their oversight and roll out a new version of Safari (we have filed a bug report).

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This post was written by AndyM

  • Thanks for your efforts Andy. However this doesn’t work for me 🙁

    Looking forward to a new Safari version. I guess you’ll bang on the big drum when that happens 🙂

  • Elias Levy

    Turning off cross-origin restrictions does not appear sufficient. Part of the UI are still no loading. In addition, no one should browser the web with cross-origin restrictions turned off. It is a massive security vulnerability to do so.

  • Michael Zercher

    This didn’t work for me. I also use extensions from Evernote and Lastpass, and they are and have been working fine. Perhaps the problem is related to the fact that their extensions are available here, and AIB’s is not?

  • Dan Souther

    The extension still isn’t working correctly in Safari; after disabling the cross-origin restrictions, the interface only partially populates and missing key functionality. Are there any plans to update this extension to get it working again? I much prefer Safari to Chrome given how much CPU Chrome uses!

  • Kevin Thurman

    Hi Andy, any development to this problem? The interface is still partially missing. I will post a picture.

  • Kevin Thurman