Before I begin, did you see our announcement for Pausing the Inbox, to focus on your Tasks?

As bitterly cold* as January currently is here in Britain, it’s still the perfect excuse to look at the big picture of where we’re headed.

(* I’ve just returned from a weekend trip to Europe where it hit -24c/-11f. Suddenly the office is deeply appealing, as a respite from my skin stinging and cheek bones throbbing. It’s not particularly an everyday productivity tip, but it is effective!)

Looking back over 2016 (shudder), there were 3 polaroid moments…

  • We expanded the team to bring in Olly for astonishing product design, and Remi for coding all the delightful ideas that get discussed in the forum.
  • We beautified and simplified ActiveInbox, because when you’re looking at it every day, it really should bring the tranquility of a Japanese garden (instead of the madcap insanity of a Lego construction, which as a product originally built in 2006, we may have been guilty of…).
  • We launched a fully fledged ActiveInbox experience for mobile, 2 years in the making, on both iOS and Android.

Looking forward into 2017, our main goal is to bring visual sanity to your inbox.

The way we’ll do this is to make email play better with the other tools you love, to get the optimal view of your emails and tasks, where and when you need it. We’ll be starting with GCal and Trello, but anything is possible!


Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be interviewing as many of you as possible to understand your workflow, to see how we can most radically improve it.

And we’ll keep listening to you to refine ActiveInbox

I’m always keeping a watchful eye on the forum for ideas for the team to bring to life.

Do you use Trello or GCal alongside Gmail?

Email me via and we’ll have a quick Skype call, and in return, I’ll give you our prototype to play with 🙂

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  • Nadia R.

    Would love integration with WunderList–if only to be able to share items back and forth between it and AI.

  • Fardar McHarhar

    Please note that this comment does not really correspond to the topic; my apologies. I’ve only just come upon ActiveInbox. I put my comment here, because I found no other place to do so, including on your support page. I realize that it has become a common practice for companies to leave out a way to be contacted as a way of controlling costs. However, I was struck by how on your website, there is A) an absence of any easy, obvious way to message your company, and that COMBINED WITH THIS is B) your inclusion of various (potentially provocative) social goals and social commentary on your site. I recognize and applaud that there should not necessarily be some arbitrary “hard line” between political observation and business. I appreciate, too, how creating a business and product can become an expression of one’s deeply held beliefs. However, to me it is a sad thing when reading what so many espouse, to see the relative ignorance of contemporary young, liberally minded people, about the lessons of the past. I respectfully suggest you acquaint yourself with Roberto Michels’ (the founder of political sociology) concept of the iron law of oligarchy; with Nobel-prize winner Fredrich von Hayek’s rationale for giving no credence to arguments about “social justice;” and to the ancient concepts in Hebraic and Christian political culture that human nature lies at the root of organizational and institutional problems, and is not perfectable. Other than that, it is a sunny, beautiful day. Keep trying, keep putting your beliefs out there! Kind regards.