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I just want to give an update on the current frustrations with Safari and Firefox.

Safari is rolling out an update that locks ActiveInbox out. It’s not targeted at us, it’s more of a security update to make it par with Chrome. But unlike Chrome, they haven’t left legitimate developers, in the secure environment of plugins, a way to operate (or at least haven’t documented it). We’ve been trying to reach out to Apple with no success, and are looking at some pretty major-effort workarounds instead. If anyone has contact with Apple developers, we’d appreciate an intro.

Firefox has changed their policies to be even more difficult for extensions like us. There’s now effectively a 10 day lead time on getting extensions updated. Which under normal operation is frustrating but survivable; but when Gmail breaks (fortunately a rare occurrence these days, perhaps only twice a year), we have no way to roll out our urgent fixes. I’m hopeful we can present a strong argument to Mozilla as to why this isn’t workable, but I can’t imagine it’ll be a quick policy change.

Right now, I’m forced to recommend using Chrome for at least Gmail.

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  • Christof Kälin

    Sigh… Mozilla was once useful, years ago…. and Apple proofes once more, that they don’t really care about other businesses…

  • njwrigley

    It’s okay to recommend Chrome. It’s a good browser, backed up by a company that have a deep interest in keeping it updated.

  • Peter van den Wittenboer

    This arrogance of Apple is exactly why i will never switch to them if i have the choice.

  • Ralf Bretting

    Any news on this topic? I’m using Firefox and still working with AIB 6.0.46 …