Thanks to the 1000+ votes, and saintly people who let me bore them with questions about how they work with their calendar, we’ve released a new integration between ActiveInbox Due Dates, and Google Calendar.

This is vastly more robust than the feature we tried in ActiveInbox 5, as Remi the Developer built it anew using the proper Google approach.

Adding an email to the calendar

Just choose a date, then click ‘Add to Calendar’. It’s a 2-way integration, so if you move the event around on the calendar, ActiveInbox will update. And the email will forever have a link to the calendar event, and vice versa!

You can choose calendar from the dropdown. It will default to your main one, but you can also choose to have everything put into an ‘ActiveInbox’ calendar.

Our guide on how to decide…

1. Is something *really* important?

Optionally choose to add it to your calendar, where you can’t miss it.

2. Is an email an event?

Then definitely give it a Due Date in AIB, and put it on your calendar.

If you move the event around on your calendar, it’ll be updated back in ActiveInbox & Gmail.

If there are multiple emails about the same event, we suggest linking one of them to your calendar, and then using Notes to link to that main discussion email from the other emails.

3. Do you want to snooze an email due Today until a certain time?

Due Dates now support times (not just days) when you add them to your calendar, so you can keep things hidden for a few hours.

E.g. if you’ve said the due date is 2pm today, it won’t appear on your Today list until 2pm.

Release Schedule

This is being rolled out to Chrome first (6.0.56 should appear by Thursday 22nd June), and if that goes smoothly, we’ll have it in Firefox soon after.

Any questions, or suggestions, please add to the forum or leave below!

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This post was written by AndyM

  • Aleksander Mork Strand

    I think I love this feature already. Thanks!

    What I’ve done until now: add e-mails to the To-do list, and add a due date. Due to many tasks, I don’t get time to follow up these due dates. My To-do list grows, so I have to prioritise. I create a new list, called “Next”, which should be done first. The same thing happens, this list too gets too many items. I create another list, called “Very next”. So far, this list is manageable. The Next list is like a pri2 list, and To-do is pri3.

    And since I dont get time to follow up the due dates, I have another system to follow up mails I’ve sent, I add for instance in the BCC field. I find this easier to follow up than using activeinbox, because then I get a new e-mail in my inbox after 1 week.
    But this could probably be easier for me if I tried to use the follow up feature more in Activeinbox…

    But now I hope it will be even more manageable with this calendar integration.

  • Kieron Mitchell

    This sounds GREAT!

  • AAAAH! So excited for this. I see my life getting a little more organised with this integration.

  • Sharon Lewis

    Hurry for Firefox!! Sounds fantastic.

  • It’s great to see this extension developing and this is terrific for scheduling events. One problem, though, is that the Google calendar doesn’t seem to activate the link in the notes when you open the event. If you want to go back to the email, you need to copy the link and enter it into another tab. It would be great to know a calendar extension that showed the notes.

    • I have just found that the Checker Plus for Google Calendar gives you clickable links.

  • Christy Lee

    This.Is.AMAZING! Thank you! I’ve already put it to good use.

  • jpnelson40

    I don’t see the feature on 6.0.56, which seems to be the latest version. Is there a Beta that I have lost track of?

    • jpnelson40

      I correct myself: the feature is there, but only under Due Date; I have rarely used that, preferring the Track It mode for most of my needs, so I didn’t see it before.

  • Sean Joyce

    I love the addition of this feature, but I’m struggling to see how to set both the due date & time, so that the item does not appear in my Today list until the appropriate time. (The task/email does get added to the calendar, but the email remains “visible” regardless of time. AIB 6.0.56, Chrome 60.0.3112.90, MacOS 10.12.6.)