In the hope you’d get it before your Thursday work commenced, I released ActiveInbox 7.0.7 late last night (well, early this morning – my regimen of crazy hours continues as we react to the Gmail change).

Issues Fixed

The update is primarily bug fixes as we adapt to the massive behind-the-scenes updates. The biggest two were:

  1. The “Conversation not found” bug, when you click a task and nothing opens. This is actually one of Google’s known bugs, and they’re working on fixing it, but we didn’t know when, so we developed a work around 🙂 The important things to know:

    • For all future emails you mark as tasks, or send, this bug will no longer occur.
    • If you’re suffering on existing emails, you need to re-‘teach’ ActiveInbox how to make sense of them (I didn’t say this workaround was elegant!). To do this, I suggest you go into Sent and click through a few pages, and then do a search on “label:active” (without quotes) and click through all the pages.
  2. Sometimes, if you updated a task directly from your task list, the changes didn’t stick. This was a gremlin in the new system we had to rapidly build, and I’m really sorry for anyone who was left confused by it.

Inbox Hiding Returns

In brighter news, Ben on the forums made a compelling case for bringing back Inbox Hiding (one of the reasons people struggled to leave ActiveInbox Classic V5, which now we’re on V7 we are trying to help you get away from!).

Why would you do that? It’s for focus to get things done.

If you turn your inbox off – temporarily – you’ll have no distractions from just “doing”.

So when you hide it, it’ll also hide:

  • The counts in the sidebar
  • The counts in the tab (including the icon, if you have it)
  • Stop the blue dot appearing on the tab if you have it pinned

I’m still writing code like crazy to get back to smooth sailing – I anticipate there will be another week of flux, but we’re getting there. Keep talking to me on the forum (it’s getting read, even if I struggle to reply straight away).

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This post was written by AndyM

  • Benjamin Taub


    Quick note to folks who want to use this functionality, to get it to work, click the arrow next to the word ‘Inbox’ to close the inbox so that it’s pointing to the right, not down (It took me a second to figure that out). Pointing down opens the inbox and returns you to normal inbox functionality.

    • John Bowen

      Thank Benjamin for this tip. We are still using GMAIL classic…and I didn’t notice the Inbox/Arrow before and I accidentally hid my inbox.

  • familyman114

    Thanks for all your hard work Andy – just a ‘heads up’ the version info that shows up on when I click the Account & News button shows an old version (see screenshot) even though I am up to date.

    • dborba

      I have the same issue – extension is up to date (7.0.8) but version displayed is 6.0.67. Enabling the new Gmail effectively stops the extension altogether.

      • Milan

        I have the same issue here – versions don’t match and cannot turn on Activeinbox with the new Gmail – Can we have a how to guide please…

        • timnikolaev


          • Peter Hawkes


  • jDeppen

    Cool! I’ve been using Inbox When Ready; it would be nice to have it part of AIB. Could you make the word “Inbox” clickable so it’s an easier click target than the small arrow?

  • Yori

    great release.
    one bug is that I’m missing the AIB button at the top (through which I was able to set preferences etc)

    • Yori

      I’m using 7.0.8

      • Yori

        7.0.9 – it’s working fine again, thanks

  • Tom Torgersen

    I’m experiencing occasional failures with the following items: new tasks, new subtasks, send later, assigning lists & due dates, and AIB labels not showing up in search results (unless I open the message). Are these known/common issues or is this unique to me?