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  • Is your work driven from email?

    Effortlessly manage your team and help customers.

  • Emails aren't really letters,
    they're badly formatted tasks

    But email clients haven't changed in 30 years.

  • Turn Gmail into a task manager

    Crush all the ways email holds you back!

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ActiveInbox helps me stay on top of the emails I receive.

With a team of 40 people taking care of 200+ suppliers, "closing the loop" on every task is very important.

Jimmy Prince
Director Material Management -
BRP Mexico

ActiveInbox turns your gmail into project management nirvana

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If, like me, email messages drive at least 80% of the decisions you make and tasks you have to carry out, this extension will make your life about 95% easier.

Michele Engel

My email life has changed forever. Killer product & exactly what this inbox 0 guy needed

Mike Bracco
Product Manager

I can now sort through 100 emails in 10 minutes, putting them all in the appropriate category - I never lose track of anything anymore.

Erin Kroll
Project Management
Temple University Health System

This tool will help you empty your inbox quickly (achieve inbox zero) and transform your emails into deadlined tasks.

The Next Web

A "must try" if you want to easily keep yourself on track in an undoubtedly busy world.

Richard Gaspar

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Never miss an important email

With ActiveInbox, the emails become the tasks. The actioned email will then be tracked by ActiveInbox, ensuring everything important eventually gets done.

Hit due dates, and focus on Today

Give the email a due date and Gmail will remind you on the day, ensuring you always impress your contacts by responding when you promise you will.

And you can prioritize important emails by dragging them higher up your task list.

Delight colleagues & customers

ActiveInbox helps you write better replies by automatically showing you previous emails and outstanding tasks for a contact.

Also, you'll find treating emails as tasks naturally improves communication with co-workers and clients!

Free your brain to get things done

Rise above the details

Get a fresh perspective and see Gmail as a handful of projects, rather than feeling overloaded by 100s of little emails, by using project folders in Gmail.

Don't worry about getting a reply

When you need a contact to do something, you can track it as Waiting On and stop worrying about it for a few days.

If it stays blocked, you can then easily dive into your Waiting On list and chase them up.

Clean your inbox (and keep it clean)

ActiveInbox tracks tasks even after you remove them from the inbox, and adds special buttons to clear your inbox faster.

The beauty of achieving Inbox Zero is knowing that you've seen everything important, thus freeing your brain from worrying about nasty surprises or forgotten tasks.

Be poised for whatever's next

Now you can now write a checklist for emails, so that when you come back to an email you know what to do next.

And the next checklist item replaces the email's subject in your task lists, so you have more actionable info to scan.

Stop copying & pasting, and hunting, between systems

There's no need to keep a separate task manager, or even a spreadsheet - all your tasks can be where you already spend most of your day... in Gmail.

And using notes, you add quick links to other systems right on top of your email.