(Available now for iOS)


We believe:-

  • Current email clients are pretty and easy to use, but do virtually nothing to deal with the stress email causes.
  • Task managers are very calming, but are isolated, and make you do the work of keeping them up to date with the tasks from around your life.

Ultimately, it's about taking control - by merging your email client & task manager into one - so you can be stress free. Or another way, to release your brain to focus on achieving whatever you care about.


Our roadmap is pretty simple, just because we don't want to prescribe exactly how it'll work - we'll be building it with your input.

  1. Basic Functionality Bug Testing
    (Beginning October 1st 2015)

    The first beta release has a very minimal, poorly designed UI, and was only shared with a small group of hardened testers. The goal is to make a basically workable email client, free of bugs.

  2. Iteratively Building the UI
    (Beginning late October 2015)

    We're going to do multiple experiments to try different ways of interacting with the app, until we have perfected something both fun AND useful :-)

    Bear in mind that we're prepared to try deviating slightly from the desktop version, as this is an opportunity for a semi clean slate.

    We'll also be starting as minimal as possible, and only adding things in as they prove to be really necessary.

  3. Public beta testing (Q2 2016)

    Let everyone into the iOS version. We're trying to fix all remaining bugs, and test more usability ideas one by one.

  4. Android Alpha Testing (at the earliest, Q3 2016)

    We've already begun porting the email engine over to Android, but want to perfect usability on iOS before porting over the interface (otherwise we'll have to fix our mistakes twice, slowing everything down). That pause is well spent though - we're also waiting for the underlying tech platform we use to mature for Android, and with each month it becomes a better experience for everyone.

Helping Out

Generally, letting us know your thoughts via the blog (and mailing list if you're a hardened tester!).

When we try different experiments, we'll announce them so you know what to look for :-).

How To Get It

Download on App Store

(For Android, see below)

How To Join the Beta

  1. Enter your name & requirements:

    Your email:
    Operating System:
    Beta Comfort Level:

  2. We'll invite you as soon as we can, to the most appropriate client, on a first-come-first-served basis

    We'll send you email instructions within the next couple of months (or maybe even a few days if you get in early!).

Discussion Mailing List

You'll be signed up to a Google Group to discuss the beta as soon as you receive your invite. If you want to manage your membership (after you've been invited!), you can do so via ActiveInbox Mobile Beta Google Group.