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You're guiding us, we're building it… let us introduce ourselves!

We live in a world that gleefully induces stress and anxiety. (Capitalism is wonderful, but it really needs to introspect and admit its gone off the rails a bit recently - it's not handling increased abundance well, and in its desperation to stay on top of things, is sacrificing entire populations potential for happiness).

We want to do our little bit to free folks from the shackles. To do a little livin'. Or a little achievin' of your purpose.

And we're starting by dealing with email. Because it touches everyone. Unpleasantly.

ActiveInbox's Lessons for Living

  1. Never underestimate the back of an envelope.

    Great products aren't always born out of fancy plans, strategies and focus groups. Our founder Andy bashed out ActiveInbox 0.000001a in half a day because he needed a tool to help him get things done and couldn't find one.
  2. Do unto others.

    If a product works for one person, it may work for others too. That's how ActiveInbox was released into the wild - to find its feet, to flourish and grow.
  3. We're gonna need a bigger envelope.

    As a company grows, it turns out it needs a plan. Our is simple - it's called 'you guide, we build'. Got a shared itch? Tell us and we'll help you scratch it. Some of the best ideas for ActiveInbox have come from you, our users.
  4. Evangelists, to the Batmobile.

    We spread the word, one empty inbox at a time. If you like what we do, tell others or use the referral link inside ActiveInbox. It rewards us for making something great, and stops us trying to manipulate you with SuperBowl halftime ads :-)
  5. No strings attached.

    There's no-one on our back, telling us what to do. And because we don't have investors we're not beholden to anyone except ourselves. And you.
  6. It's a Circle of Life thing.

    Any money we make goes back into the product. All of it.
  7. This is software you can believe in.

    Any software worth its salt must combine three things: utility, integrity and beauty. Guess which one's the hardest.
  8. Make something beautiful, that works.

    Some companies want to empty your pockets. We just want to empty your inbox, all day, every day.
  9. Activexploitation.

    As well as shamelessly borrowing many of our best ideas from the inspirational ActiveInbox community we've also trawled it - successfully - to add to our team of world class developers. Which brings us to...
  10. You're very welcome.

    Seriously, it's an absolute pleasure helping you wonderful bunch of weirdoes get things done.

Meet Us:

Andy Mitchell — founder


A big part of sharing ActiveInbox is my simple ethos of 'leaving more in the world than I take out of it', giving purpose to my life and quietening the existential demons. But I'm also selfishly building it to assist me in succeeding at future endeavours - which is why the community's input is so appreciated in collaboratively making something that truly works for all of us.

Day to day, I'm trying to ensure we're all pulling in the same direction to craft the best product we can, and if anything goes wrong, I'm the one you can shout at!

Get in touch at

Sam Blausten — customer/product development and "growth hacking"


Sam does a little bit of everything at ActiveInbox, from customer development to growth hacking and being the mouthpiece of our community in any product development.

Want to discuss a partnership? Get in touch with him at

Lisa Reynolds — meeter, greeter, supporterer


Lisa delights in thinking like a user and member of the community first, and being part of ActiveInbox second. It gives her the extraordinary gift of empathy to listen to any problems you have, help you solve them, and fight your corner with getting requested improvements put in when Andy is stamping his feet.

Email her with any support questions at

Tom Parslow — technical True Grit


Tom is happiest when boldly going where no man has gone before - and eating posh croissants. He's been doing both at ActiveInbox for several years now, recently building one of the first React Native email clients for our new app. He writes about geeky stuff like solving a Regular Expression puzzle with Haskell and gives regular talks at Javascript and Python meetups in London and Brighton.

Our extended family:

Adhip Gupta — full stack wizard


Adhip was a Brighton local before wisely moving back to the (even) sunnier climes of Southern India. He's a gifted full stack developer who's become integral to our team.

Danny Hope — UX wizard, possibly an actual wizard also


"Mr UX Brighton" has been bringing his extensive usability experience to our new mobile app and our product thinking across the board.

Logo Logo — our resident design agency

James Beer and his team have been officemates of ours for the last year and inbetween the table tennis tournaments, craft beers and Scaletrix battles, they've done some awesome work for us that can be seen across all our web and product interfaces.