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    We're real people!

    Answering questions is part of everyone's job here, and Lisa's the one working all day just to do everything she can to help you out! Meet the team

    I've yet to see the type of engagement this group has with the users of their product. It's as though you're sitting in on meetings with them and having input into the direction of ActiveInbox.


    Greg DeMaderios

    Can't ask for much better service then this- report a bug fixed 2 days later- Thanks @activeinbox - Love the tool!



    Kudos to Andy at @activeinbox for not only seeing I was talking about an issue but responding quickly and with a solution. You rock! :)



    Google needs a sixth star for this extension. And maybe a seventh for their customer support.

    Kurt Flint

    Kurt Flint

    I'm new, how do I get started?

    Check out our complete Getting Started section for an easy step by step guide, and peruse the FAQ below.

    Can you answer my question or fix my problem?

    Sure can!

    If something doesn't seem right, have a look at the Troubleshooting FAQ (it includes way to contact us for solving problems).

    If you'd like to discuss any ways we can improve ActiveInbox, or have any other questions, please drop by the Forum.

    I've paid - what do I do next?

    All you should have to do is refresh Gmail!

    If that doesn't do it, check and try:

    • Check ActiveInbox is installed into your browser. If you cannot see any part of ActiveInbox in Gmail, and it's not in your browser's Extensions/Addons list, please install it.
    • Enter your ActiveInbox password to complete the set up. At the top of Gmail, you'll see a bar with a green button, 'Connect to your ActiveInbox Account'. Just click it and enter your password!

    Can I use it on my mobile devices?

    We're currently testing our mobile app for iOS, which you can read about at

    You can also register interest in Android

    However, you can still process emails on the go using any email app. This is because the core of what ActiveInbox does is stored using Gmail labels, which are available everywhere you use Gmail:

    * To view your tasks, open the !Action label
    * To action an email, add the !Action label
    * To add an email to a project, move it to the project label (beginning with P/, e.g. P/My Project)
    * To give an email a due date, add the appropriate label, e.g. ZD/20141225 for December 25th, 2014 (yyyymmdd)

    Gmail allows you to send emails to yourself which will go straight into the correct folder or label by adding +labelname before the @ (e.g. You then just set up a regular Gmail filter to send all emails from that address to the corresponding folder. This allows you to send yourself to-do's on the go. See our tip on "Adding tasks that did not start as an email" for more help.

    Can I assign a time to my Due Dates?

    If something has a time, it's an event, and is best represented by adding it to your GCal (and GCal will even email you a reminder when it's due).

    (If you have a good reason why this isn't the case, please bring it to the Forum and we can discuss!)

    How can I pin important projects & views?

    You can pin your most commonly used Task views, and current Projects, to the Review Bar so you can access them with one click.

    (What is the Review Bar? It's the bar at the top of Gmail, or the ActiveInbox sidebar, which you can invoke by clicking the cube icon in the bottom left of Gmail. It contains menus for all your To Do views, and your Projects list).

    To pin important items, click the down-arrow to the right of the item you want, and select Pin to main bar. (You can remove it the same way).

    This video might be useful:

    Can I set up recurring tasks?

    We haven't built this in as a feature yet, but Ronald made a great suggestion on the Forum.

    Do you return Due Date items to my inbox when they're due?

    We've researched this, tested it, and ultimately decided not to - we believe there's a better way.

    We found, during testing 'Return to Inbox', that most people gave something a due date, then when it came back into the inbox, pushed it back out for a few more hours. I.e. they were suffering the stress of something coming into the inbox, not having time to do it (we're very bad at predicting when we'll be free), and then ignoring it rather than doing it.

    That stress and bad timing is eliminated just by using a simple Today list. One that lets you prioritize your day's items by moving them up and down, and where your only job is to calmly reduce the Today list to zero. (We do show the Today list above your Inbox though, so it's impossible to ignore).

    How can I request a feature?

    To share ideas or ask general questions, come to our Forum. It's the fastest place to get an answer, and discussions/ideas evolve faster when anyone can join in on the conversation.

    How do I group & sort my tasks by due date, person, project, etc.?

    When you open a To Do view (e.g. Today or Waiting On), or a Project, you get a list of results that can be grouped or sorted.

    If you click 'Group By' at the top of the results, you can group them by their due date, status, project or person.

    And sorting allows you to change the order in which the results appear (e.g. you may group Today items into projects, and then sort by the person).

    Can I add new status buttons?

    ActiveInbox lets you give an email a status of Action (for you to do) or Waiting On (blocked until someone replies, but still to do).

    You can add your own, by creating new labels that start with ! (which is the status prefix). ActiveInbox will then show them as buttons.

    For example, in our Support account, we have !L1 and !L2 instead of !Action, because our volume of email requires us to prioritize.

    Can I add Contexts, Time Required, and other meta data to tasks?

    This is quite an advanced topic! We don't recommend you think about this if you're just starting with ActiveInbox. But it is possible.

    ActiveInbox can have many Label Types, which are a list of folders that have a similar utility. A Label Type consists of a name and a label prefix. By default, the only Label Type is Projects, which has the label prefix P/.

    For example, if you share a Gmail account with team mates, you might have a Label Type of Users (with label prefix U/), which contains a folder for every person who accesses the account, so you can assign emails to different people.

    And a common use is to have a Label Type of References (with the label prefix R/), where each folder represents a distinct type of information. E.g. Meeting Notes, Praise, Receipts.

    Can I make task lists (e.g. Today, Waiting On) appear as normal Gmail search results?

    By default, your To Do views (e.g. Today, Action, Waiting On) and Projects open in the ActiveInbox's Results view, which gives you extra powers, such as ranking and grouping emails.

    If you ever want to see the equivelent Gmail Results, you can click the green mail-tick icon in upper right corner of Gmail, to toggle between Gmail Results and ActiveInbox Results.

    But if you want every To Do view and Project to open in Gmail Results, you can open the Preferences and uncheck Open Review Bar links into "Active Results" tab (instead of regular Gmail results).

    Should I be worried that ActiveInbox creates a lot of Gmail labels?

    No, there's no limit on how many Gmail labels you can have, and if you use the ActiveInbox sidebar, they're neatly hidden away.

    In return, by using Gmail labels are the "database" for all your tasks and projects (e.g. something you're Waiting On just has the !Waiting On Gmail label), the organization you implement with ActiveInbox is available anywhere you use Gmail - even if ActiveInbox is not installed.

    We also auto-clean certain labels, like Due Dates...

    When you load Gmail it checks all your due-date labels (e.g. ZD/yyyymmdd), and if they're not associated with any emails (i.e. not in use), then they're deleted to minimize the total number of labels in your account.

    (Don't worry, there are lots of safety checks to make sure labels cannot be incorrectly deleted).

    Can I collaboratively share data with my team?

    No -- ActiveInbox is built to the work the same way as email itself, as a single user. (But please come and discuss in the Forum if you want us to!)

    Where is my data stored? Do I have to give you my credentials to access my email?

    No (or strictly speaking, not for 95% of the features - and the 5% is optional!). Please see our Privacy Policy.

    What happens if I don't like it, is it easy to uninstall?

    Just go into your browser's extension list, find ActiveInbox, and click uninstall. All your organization is intentionally left intact, but you can delete that too by going into Gmail's Settings and removing all status labels (e.g. !Action), project labels (beginning with P/) and deadline labels (beginning with ZD/).

    Is ActiveInbox a finished product?

    Not yet! Although the core concepts are stable now and won't change much unless you give us a very good reason :-) Meet the team, and find out what we're building.