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GTD with Gmail

ActiveInbox started life as a product called GTDGmail (and later, GTDInbox), so the heritage with David Allen's GTD® (Getting Things Done) is about as strong as you can get! As such everything in the 'Gmail Best Practices' section should be relevant for getting a good GTD® process.

Adding Next and Some Day Statuses

You can add additional statuses, such as Next (for Next Actions) or Some Day (for things with no priority) by creating new Gmail labels beginning with !. E.g. !Next and !Some Day. (This is the default ActiveInbox prefix for a Status, and you can change it using ActiveInbox's Preferences).

Creating a Context Label Type

If you wish to use the GTD® idea of Contexts (the place where you do something), you can go into ActiveInbox's Preferences, click 'Configure Label Types', and then 'Add New Label Type', where the name is "Contexts" and the prefix is "C/". You can then create context labels that begin with C/, such as C/Office, C/Phone, C/Home. Or perhaps even major clients, such as C/BigCompanyX.

You can then do clever things, like see projects with active emails in a Context, by opening the Active Results for that context and grouping them by project.

NB You can create any label type you like!

Know the highest priority email to do next

The benefit of a well organized email is that you only need to focus on the absolute essentials when time is tight, and can easily prioritize your efforts at all other times.

The key things to take care of are:

  1. Today - all the things that you must do today
  2. Next - the top priority emails but with no particular deadline
  3. Current Project - for whatever project you are focused on, do Action emails