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Our History

  • Started in 2006, as GTDGmail (before a legal tussle or two with corporate lawyers), as a week-long side project to create a cheap customer support tool in Gmail.
  • Received $20,000 in (initially unsolicited) donations from 700 fans, the greatest individual donation being an incredible $300.
  • Became a company in 2009, based in Brighton in the UK. We operate as a tiny handful of core people with lots more specialist skills contributing from all around the world. We believe this is an exciting blueprint for any Web company.
  • As of 2012, we are totally bootstrapped (no investment), profitable and rapidly gaining momentum.

Use Us

If we help fill in the blanks for any story, or you just want to inform us you've written something so we can blog about it, contact Andy:

We can reduce your email overload

You are one of our core groups that we want to help because, transparent promotional bribery aside, you suffer a very one-sided (as in, everyone wants to talk to you) overflowing influx of email.

You can find our current best practices in our Documentation, but we're not finished improving yet… so come and request feature ideas in our Forum, let us know you're a journalist, and we'll sweet talk you and improve things until you're giggling with joy.

Do you want Andy to give your Gmail a medical exam?

We will also happily do a one-to-one interview with you to listen to what difficulties you have with email, and suggest how you might solve them -- or even how we could improve ActiveInbox to solve them. Just email me:

Get exciting news that affects 40%* of your readers

Things we have: the tech ability to totally transform Gmail

Things we don't have: Google's giant mainstream userbase that resists change

So we can try all manner of ideas - some stirringly powerful, some a little silly - to innovate around email. We think you'll find this interesting.

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* 40% is an estimated market share of Gmail (vs. Hotmail and Yahoo)