Install ActiveInbox for Gmail

ActiveInbox Beta for Chrome []

This is a major new engine for interacting with Gmail (22,000 lines of code changed!).

It's capable of being much faster, snappier, and more robust than any existing version. It will the basis of all improvements from now on.

But this is its first time out in public. We've cleared all the bugs we can find, but I'm sure you'll uncover more. Just let us know and we'll fix them up.

(You can also uninstall this and go back to the mainstream release at any time).

Known Issues

We've released this beta into the mainstream channel. Even though it has some small bugs remaining, we've cleared all the critical known issues. And because we have limited resources, it's much more efficient for us to be fixing the remaining glitches on a single product (rather than the beta and mainstream separately).

Summary: for the next few weeks we'll be ironing out remaining issues on the mainstream version!

Going back to regular ActiveInbox

  1. Uninstall ActiveInbox from your Extensions list (Tools -> Extensions)
  2. Go to the regular Install page and install as normal.