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What'll be your ROI?

Everyone's needs are different, and ActiveInbox certainly isn't for everyone (we're primarily focused on serving managers, execs and founders; as well as anyone who can benefit from our mission to create elegant software, infused with proven psychology, to help us absorb the shocks of life and become truly effective).

But these are our guiding questions when refining ActiveInbox, which will help you decide the value to you...

What's the cost if you forget an important email?

Your inbox is like a cog in an engine, and if it gets rusty, the whole machine slows down... So if we miss an email, it always has a knock on effect to other people, especially team mates and customers, slowing projects down and potentially harming relationships.

Much more personally, mental overload makes us less effective (losing up to 8 hours a week, apparently), taking our eye off the work that will really make a difference to our careers.

And what is the impact on your reputation?

How would it affect the professional image of your career and company to be known for patchy communication?

Refund Guarantee

Never forget an important task, empty your inbox of all that horror and focus on Today in just one place -- but if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back within the first 30 days. No threads attached.

Every customer gets our personal support

We've been listening and tweaking since 2006! We're on a mission to support us all having a life well lived.

You can email [email protected] to talk to Lisa or Andy, collaboratively discuss feature ideas in the forum, and have your say on our plans as they appear on the blog.

Why only annual pricing?

It means we're within reach of as many people as possible, by letting us be the best-value Gmail management tool out there - undercutting even our most basic competitors - and still be able to afford to keep improving.

Need a recap on what we do?

ActiveInbox lets you rise above email overload, by never missing anything important, always getting a reply, and making it easier to focus on getting things done. Check out our video introducing ActiveInbox.

A 'must try' if you want to easily keep yourself on track in an undoubtedly busy world

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