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ActiveInbox Help

(Part of our Organize Gmail Into An Effortless Task Manager guide)

Come speak to us!

We're real people (meet the team), and answering questions is part of everyone's job here. Lisa's also the one working all day solely to do everything she can to help you out!

But, we are a small team in the UK timezone, so there are two ways you can help us get you fixed up quickly...

Did you check the FAQ?

If in doubt, the FAQ might just scratch that itch.

Use the Forum if possible for priority

If you'd like to discuss any ways we can improve ActiveInbox, or have any other general questions, please drop by the Forum.

We prioritise it over email, because everything is better when we can all share in the answer, or openly discuss our ideas for product decisions.

Have a bug or billing issue? Email us

If you need to send anything sensitive (diagnostics or receipts), please email.

  1. Something not working correctly? Send us Diagnostics!

    • Generate ActiveInbox's Diagnostics

      Click our red-envelope icon in the top right of Gmail, then click 'Show Diagnostics'. Click 'Entire History' and save the file so you can attach it to an email.

    • Take a screencast/video (or at least a screenshot)

      Please try to catch the problem occurring, and your whole view of Gmail. This makes THE biggest difference to our ability to help (even if you don't think it reveals much, there is always nuance).

    • Using Chrome? Include bonus details :)

      Right click anywhere in Gmail, choose 'Inspect', in the pane that appears choose the 'Console' tab, then choose 'Save As'.

  2. Email the 3 files and a description of your issue to support@activeinboxhq.com. We try to reply, with input from the actual developers, within 24 hours.