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ActiveInbox Help

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If you're having a problem with ActiveInbox, below you'll find a list of known issues, and if none of them cover it, the ways you can diagnose a new problem so we can fix it.

If you have more general questions (e.g. whether you can use ActiveInbox on mobile, how pinning works, etc.), please check out the General FAQ.

If the answer isn't here, please try our forum. We prioritise this for the fastest answers, and there may already be a discussion about your problem to join in on. If you need us privately, please email support@activeinboxhq.com, but beware this is a slower response as we're only a small team and we get overwhelmed by lots of 1-1 conversations!

My Preferences don't seem to stick after refreshing Gmail

This happens occassionally, especially if you have Gmail open in multiple tabs, and seems to be resolved by trying to save them a 2nd time. (We're also working on an improved mechanism for this, that should make it 100% robust in all scenarios).

If a Preference won't save after several attempts, please close the Gmail tab, reopen a new one, and try again.

And if that fails, please contact support and let us know which Preference it is.

I don't want the red 'Today' box in my inbox

This is our Radar feature, to keep your key tasks right under your nose.

If you want to adjust it (e.g. change what's shown in the Radar, or move things below your inbox), then open up our Preferences, go to the 'Configure Radar' in the left hand side, and rearrange things, then click Save.

Or if you want to disable it entirely, go into our Preferences, and disable 'Enable the Radar in Inbox'.

I disabled ActiveInbox in my Gmail account, and now I want it back

First, go to the inbox, and check the footer of Gmail (it may take a few seconds to appear). There should be a button to "Re-enable ActiveInbox".

If you don't see the button, we have a back up mode to achieve it (you need to be running at least ActiveInbox

In the address bar of your Gmail tab, which number do you see after /u/?
(e.g. if you see https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/?#inbox, then the number is 1)

The 'Connect your Account' shows a blank screen

This has occasionally affected some people on Chrome and we don't know why, but we added a workaround.

Start 'Connect Account' Workaround Automatically

In the address bar of your Gmail tab, which number do you see after /u/?
(e.g. if you see https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/?#inbox, then the number is 1)

The colors are not showing up properly on labels

If you've chosen a color for a label in Gmail, ActiveInbox should detect and use it. But some people are reporting that certain labels don't show their colour in ActiveInbox's lists or sidebar.

First, please take a screenshot of the Gmail sidebar showing the color the label should have, and then another screenshot of it not appearing in ActiveInbox.

Then, can you run Debug Mode as described below.

No part of ActiveInbox appears in Gmail

If you're using Chrome, it could well be Chrome being weird (we see this for a few users every month). Essentially it just needs the cobwebs blown out of it.

The important tell-tale sign is that NOTHING of ActiveInbox loads, not even the black 'Yikes' box about 2 minutes after you start Gmail.

To resolve it, first try restarting Chrome. If that fails, try restarting the computer (I know this is a cliche, but it really does work in this case). And if that still does nothing, you might consider reinstalling Chrome.

Only some ActiveInbox features appear when I load Gmail (others are missing)

This signifies a possible Gmail change (which could break ActiveInbox).

First, please make sure ActiveInbox hasn't gone into Free mode (a lot of features are Plus only). If you didn't expect this, let us know.

Then please check you're on the latest version of ActiveInbox, as described on the Install page (check it against the number in your browser's extension list, it'll be something like 5.0.0).

To start solving it, please:
* Take a screenshot of which bits you see, and areas you think something is missing
* Run the Debug Mode described below
* When it's complete, email us the screenshots.

Something goes wrong after I click/do something specific

This could be related to a Gmail change breaking something in ActiveInbox.

First, please check you're on the latest version of ActiveInbox, as described on the Install page (check it against the number in your browser's extension list, it'll be something like 5.0.0).

The most useful thing you can do is find out how to reliably trigger the problem (something repeatable), so we can try it on our own accounts to get it fixed. If you submit a description of the issue to our Forum, you may find someone else has reported it (and you can add evidence to that discussion), or someone can later join the topic you start.

Please also include screenshots.

Also, after you've trigged the problem, check the ActiveInbox Menu (the cube icon with Plus/Free next to it, in the top right of Gmail, or the bottom of our sidebar) to see if a red-ish box says "X warnings have occurred". If you see this, please click "Send Debug Report to the Team", and in the info box, enter the address of the Forum post, or the subject of the email, so we can tie it all together.

I get the 'Yikes! ActiveInbox could not load' black box

This is the most severe warning, and appears about a minute after Gmail loads if ActiveInbox is broken.

The first thing is to always check you have the latest version. ActiveInbox should auto-update within a few days of an update, but if the update is urgent, you should manually update by visiting the Install page.

If you have, please click 'Send Debug Report' to send the information to us.

And if it continues consistently for a few days, please either report it on the Forum or to support@activeinboxhq.com. If possible, include the technical details by copy & pasting as shown:

You told me to run 'Debug Mode'

If we're trying to diagnose something specific, we may ask you to run ActiveInbox in debug mode. When you do this, you have about 60 seconds to trigger the problem you've been having: just interact with Gmail as much as possible (open conversations, add labels, archive things, etc.), especially anything you think is causing the problem.

After about 60 seconds, you'll get a notice that ActiveInbox has sent information to us. Please email support when this happens to let me know that it's time to view your logs. Don't forget to include any screenshots of the problem.

Start Debug Mode Automatically

In the address bar of your Gmail tab, which number do you see after /u/?
(e.g. if you see https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/?#inbox, then the number is 1)

It's none of these things, how can I contact you?

Just come by the Forum.

(You can also reach us via support@activeinboxhq.com, but we can answer the forum faster, because it brings everyone together to deal with issues).

"Can't Detect Any Statuses" error message

The first thing to do is go into ActiveInbox Preferences (located on the sidebar or on the top right with the gear icon).

Navigate to the 'Configure Label Types' section on the top left, and then choose the Statuses tab. Here you will see something about prefixes and a text box to change your status label prefix.

Take a note of the prefix shown (the default is !/) and go back to Gmail and chose the standard Gmail sidebar by clicking the cube at the bottom of your sidebar.

Look to see what prefix the 'Action' and 'Waiting On' Gmail labels have.

If they are different from the prefix you took a note of earlier, you will either need to change the status labels to match the first prefix. (You can edit labels in Gmail's regular settings panel under Labels.) Otherwise, you can go back to ActiveInbox Preferences and edit the status prefix to match those currently on your labels.

Alternatively, if the status labels in your sidebar match the Prefix you took a note of earlier then email us a support@activeinboxhq.com explaining that you have already troubleshooted with the FAQ and we'll get Andy to look into it for you.

To conclude, there are several reasons why this can happen, especially if you are an old user of ActiveInbox coming back to us after a long break. In this case your old Status labels will have the prefix 's/'.

Are your Due Dates not syncing to GCal immediately? You can force it.

Google Calendar does not update calendars added by url very regularly - more like once an hour than every minute.

That can be annoying if you are expecting you ActiveInbox due dates to be added immediately - so that you can head out of the office for a meeting and keep track of what you need to do with your calendar.

Don't worry! There is a simple (if inelegant) workaround.

You can 'force' your calendar to update by just copying the same supplied url you initially used, into another new url calendar but add ?noCache to the end of the url (no spaces).

So, https://aib-ics.s3.amazonaws.com/4457b206eb4f71a90087a1afdb7722e9.ics?noCache

This will add a new calendar which should update immediately. You can then remove the old one. Keep doing it whenever you need to immediately update your calendar by just adding -1, -2 etc.. to the end of noCache.