Gmail Best Practices

We've combed some of the best minds on productivity, cherry picking the most universal ideas, and baked them into ActiveInbox's features to bring you a workflow for great communication that strengthens relationships and helps you work efficiently as a team.

It also reduces stress, because once everything is under control email becomes a calm environment that just helps you get things done.

Just take a peek at the sidebar over there on the left, to see all the things it can do for you!

(Of course, ActiveInbox is more than just a great email workflow: if you already live in Gmail, it will turn it into a GTD®-influenced that'll help you run your life.).

It has two big ideas:

  • Let your software track your emails, rather than your brain. Because your brain is for having ideas, not holding them.

  • Emails are the tasks. You don't want to create a separate task from an email, and then have to track them both. Just give it a due date, sub tasks, project, etc.

If you read no further, make sure you at least watch this quick video...