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ActiveInbox Help

(Part of our Organize Gmail Into An Effortless Task Manager guide)

Ever forgotten something important while emailing someone because you didn't want to leave the compose screen?

ActiveInbox can reveal your history as you write, to help you:
  • Get a safety net that ensures that every time you talk to someone, you're reminded of any tasks you may have overlooked.
  • Save time by making it easy to copy & paste any recent information you've exchanged into the new email.
  • Have a quick indicator of whether you even have a history with someone. This is useful if you're in a job where you talk to a lot of minor acquaintances, and remembering an individual is hard (e.g. customer support, or a journalist receiving tips).

How to see a contact's history

  1. Hit the Reply button as normal
  2. See those numbers in the 'To' field? The first indicates the number of conversations you've had with that person and the second the number tasks associated with this interaction
  3. Left click on either number to see the full history of both the conversation and any associated tasks
  4. When you've remembered the context, close the window and carry on with your reply